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I find a towel to be useful only for drying. I've tried sleeping on it, but it seemed to absorb dirt from the ground with ease. Once it was dirty, I didn't want to dry myself with it. I'm a living Macgyver, but the towel is a tool with only one use, in my opinion.


Firstly, I should say that success while hitchhiking is hard to measure, due to the many factors involved (and chaos). People who never use signs will insist they aren't needed. Those that always use them swear by them. There's no way to tell what's best because it depends on... everything! Here's a technique for using signs effectively with local ...


If you are on an easy hitch-hiking route, and you don't want to go halfway, a sign is critical. For example, if you just spent a weekend on Martha's Vinyard and need to get back Boston, it is very simple to get a ride at the ferry parking lot exit at a busy time. It is easy to get a ride straight to Boston, and hard to get a ride from an intermediate point. ...

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