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These TGVs have a different menu to the regular domestic French TGVs! The menu is branded as "b2in", and features the logos of both SNCF and RENFE on it: A pdf of the menu can be found here on the Elipsos site - if that isn't the exact one as found on the TGV last weekend then it's very very close to that! It largely contain the same kinds of things as ...


On voyages-sncf, the standard booking tool does not provide a field for your "Code Avantage". However, if you go for advanced search, you will find, in the section for the passenger details, a "Promotional Code" field appearing. I know it is not straight forward.


If you go to the voyages-sncf webpage, you'll see there's a field called Code avantage. Just type your code in, and the associated discount should be applied.

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