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I always tell my relatives to bring their own teabags when they visit. There have been no issues whatever about this; customs officials think this perfectly normal for visitors from the UK, and may even look askance at those who do not. Tea is HUGE here. You can get Earl Grey with lavender accents and snobby French teas that even the French can't pronounce ...


As a concrete datapoint, I have flown at least three times into the US where a full suitcase contained (branded, packaged) Argentinean yerba mate, say some 25kg. I declared it, the bag was opened but not the packages, and nothing happened.


I've never had any problems bringing back packaged loose leaf tea from Sweden or Austria. I've made the trip three times, and not once has customs asked to examine my tea. (They confiscated a single orange once though.) As one poster said, you will need to fill out a form on the plane declaring your items, but as long as you aren't bringing a boatload of ...


This answer was too long for a comment but it just a combination of Zach's and Andrew's answer. You shouldn't have a problem bringing in "packages" of tea. Try to stick with a sealed, store bought, container. An unopened box, with that plastic film around it for example. It will come down to the discretion of customs people rather your tea looks suspect or ...


I have brought commercially packaged tea into the USA on numerous occasions without any incident. Didn't want to leave a half-empty box to be thrown out by the hotel maids. On the other hand, I can not imagine why the OP thinks that tea is not a big deal in the United States. There are at least three high-end tea shops in Berkeley, California alone. (Site, ...


You'll certainly be allowed to get on a plane in the UK with the tea, but you'll have to declare it to Customs and may have it examined by an agricultural specialist, who will decide whether it is allowed in. Here's US Customs and Border Protection on importing tea: There are no restrictions on the importation of coffee, tea or spices for personal ...


I can't find any government advice from the South African government for South African travellers. As such, I'll point you to the CDC website, giving advice to American travellers, which only recommends "routine vaccines" - you can follow the link to see what those are for Americans. (With a note that you could also choose to get Hep A (rare but can ...


There are no special vaccinations recommended for the UK, the basic recommendations are basically the same as in the rest of European Union and probably South Africa (but I am not sure here). For example take a look at:


Not a terribly practical suggestion, perhaps, but one British woman has rowed solo from Japan to Alaska.


There's a Metasearch for cruise ships including all costs. You can do a search by region or from region A to region B. Searching California to Asia for the rest of the year it only shows 2 cruises departing for Tokyo from Vancouver, both in September, 14 days ~$1000 with cruise line Celebrity ...


You can travel on Freight Ships. (EXAMPLE) I am not so sure why you would like that, because there are also cruises to go your route. As for my understanding, your problem is not getting into Japan (an island) but leaving the US. There are many commercial ferries and sea routes to and from Japan (Korea, China, Taiwan…) But your problem is actually ...


Many cruise lines offer transpacific routes. Here is one I found via Google (cruise Vancouver Japan) link If you want to travel regularly, this would not be the best option due to the limited number of ships making that route, but for a one-time trip, it seems reasonable.


Ferries between Japan and Korea, China and Russia. Currently no ferry between Panama and Colombia. However, several companies offer multi-day tours between the two countries. Here's one. No ferries between America and Asia, not even between Alaska and Russia. And no ferries between the Americas and Greenland, Europe or Africa. Charter flights between ...


Travelling by cargo ship (mostly container but also bulk or ro-ro, never heard anything about travelling on a tanker, presumably for safety reasons) is totally a thing. More info and links to specific agents can be found in previous questions tagged “freighter travel”. Many websites advertise specific journeys but you can always contact an agent and see what ...


I also googled and lists what you are asking for, it says 1000 eur. Try googling simply cargo ship travel to Japan. Also see


It's possible to travel on cargo ships, though I'm not sure how practical it is. There are certainly container ships sailing backwards and forwards between the west coast of the US and Japan (and China and other parts of east Asia). See, for example, this question.


It might lead to cancellation of your appointment, but if you notify them in advance that you will be incommunicado then you will almost certainly be able to avoid that outcome. In other words, the cancellation should not be automatic and unavoidable. Source: I did this once for a dental appointment.


Just call now (or as soon as you can) and confirm your appointment for date and time, and tell them you will be hiking and will be out of range until that date. I don't see any problem with that.


I ended up getting a typhoid shot at the Zagreb city-run Andrija Stampar Teaching Institute of Public Health (Croatian: Zavod za javno zdravstvo "Dr. Andrija Štampar"). The address is Mirogojska 16, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia. Look for the signs for "epidemiologija", just to the left inside the main entrance. The medical staff spoke good English, the cost was ...


Klinik Vaksinasi Raisha Yogyakarta serves the vaccine you can search it in google map..there are various vaccines here...rabies,hepatitis A,japanese encephalitis and others...


I've been in Facility Management for over 20 years and have had to manage bed bugs form time to time. First off you can't totally rely on the Bed Bug registry because some unhappy guest use that to be vindictive against the lodging provider. Secondly an ultra violet certainly allows for better detection of bed bugs but a normal bright LED flashlight is a ...

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