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Get a note from your doctor. You can even take syringes on board if they are a medical necessity.


Easyjet are generally very strict on the number of items you carry on board. Unless you've gone the "Easyjet Plus" route (via the card or the slightly more expensive seats which provide many other features, including dedicated check-in and faster boarding), you're allowed only one item with you on board. That includes your laptop, a handbag, or anything ...


Strictness seems to depend also on how crowded the plane is. I fly KLM a lot (yes, I know they're not a budget airline) and mostly they don't measure hand luggage - but once in a while, they do. Luckily, I always carry one or two items that in a pinch, are expendable (empty bottles for water, etc) so I can usually manage. Do try to determine whether or not ...


This Has Been Done Before Setting aside my personal opinion on the reason motivating you to carry a Geiger counter on a plane, you'll be happy to know that this has been done before. Indeed people have carried Geiger counters in hand luggage, according to a quick google search. Some had problems going through security, arguably because the product was ...


I've travelled from the UK to many European computer/hacker festivals over the last 10 years or so, often taking strange devices similar to yours (homebrew machines, Raspberry Pi boards, 80s retro computers...) through airport and Eurostar security - and I'd say that about 80% of the time it attracts no attention at all - it just goes through the X-ray with ...


Here's my take (please take with a grain of salt, it's based on general travel knowledge and not on any specific experiences like this): People travel with unusual equipment all the time. There's all kinds of scientific, industrial, professional audio, professional photography, etc. equipment, people do try and take all this expensive equipment in hand ...


I think you may face issues, especially considering the latest events. Whether justified or not, I don't know. If you miss a flight as a result, you may be able to say "it's their fault, not mine", but that doesn't really help you. I'd buy a cheap tablet instead of taking that risk.


Prohibited Items? Probably Not. Ceramic dishes shouldn't qualify as forbidden items, according to Ryanair's Terms and Conditions, which state: Q: What items are prohibited onboard a Ryanair flight? You cannot bring the following items onboard a Ryanair flight or in airport security restricted areas in the airport: Guns, Firearms or similar ...


Mine with 20000 maH was taken by the officer in charge at Krabi's Airport. According to them it is too big and they can't allowed me to carry it.


After a lot of inconclusive research on the same question, here is a photo of a Rimowa Salsa Deluxe business trolley in the overhead of a United Canadair CRJ-200. It fits -- just barely -- into the space, and the overhead lid just barely closes over it. The dimensions of the Rimowa case are 16.1" x 16.1" x 8.1". But those dimensions need to be ...


Probably, but with care Although the EU security regulations don't prohibit spare batteries, there are separate safety restrictions. IATA regulations state that: Spare batteries < 100Wh are permitted in cabin baggage, but not in the hold. You can only carry two spare batteries between 100-160 Wh, again only in the cabin. Batteries over 160Wh are not ...


I think the answer is the same than for your other question. As WiFi stations are not listed in the list of forbidden items you should be able of carrying one in your hand luggage. The only restriction that you should find is that it might be turned off for the entire flight.


Yes, you can. There is the list of prohibited objects in hand luggage according to EU regulations. As batteries are not listed you can carry them without further trouble.


A clarification that might be helpful: exit row and bulkhead are two different things: exit row means just that: a row where there is an emergency exit (door or hatch). These almost always have extra leg room. Bulkhead seats are those that have a wall or divider in front. These may or may not have extra leg room. Some configurations have much less leg ...

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