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It would depend on the security officer that checks you in and the country where your flight originates. TSA doesn't allow frying pans especially cast iron ones it's check only as evidenced in a blog from Forbes. TSA also has a mobile app now that you can look at. But since it's a flight originating from another country TSA rules may not apply so ...


According to Ryanair, you are welcome to do so. As for diseases etc., the regulations usually regard meat and dairy products, but if you are traveling within EU, you are ok. Outside, however, it depends on the country. In my experience, ham and cheese sandwiches have never been a problem on European flights, including those with Ryanair. As long as it is ...


The website of RyanAir states that food is okay to bring. I would suggest using a plastic bag or plastic container, instead of a metal container shaped as a bomb, but I guess that's pretty obvious. And there won't be any safety risks if you bring regular food like bread/sandwiches/etc. You can't bring drinks through the security check, however you can buy ...


In March 2015, I accidentally left it on my keychain while going through security in a U.S. Airport. The TSA agent noticed my keychain in the bin and asked about the Swiss tech key chain tool. After he examined it he declared it a blade and tossed it in the bin, never to been seen by me again. My advice, leave it home.

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