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No, this seems to have changed. Apparently your trucks could be weaponised. Checked luggage is rarely stolen, the bigger risk seems to be it going to the wrong airport. If you're worried about theft wrap your bag properly so it's more hassle than it is worth. People who steal normally are more interested in macbooks and other such luxuries


The consensus on the internet is mixed, with people who managed to carry their soldering iron in hand luggage without any problems, as well as others who had it confiscated and thrown away by TSA. However, the TSA prohibited items search engine does not provide any indication on the topic. The only US-related official source I could find is the Delta ...


It is largely dependent on where you are. In general, the US take a more relaxed approach to skateboards and do allow these to be brought onto flights as carry-on. However many airports in the EU see the skateboard as a "blunt instrument" and don't allow them regardless of the stance of the airline. See this article: Can You Take a Skateboard Onto an ...

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