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Nutella is pretty similar to toothpaste in terms of viscosity. Since toothpaste counts as a liquid (source: http://ec.europa.eu/transport/modes/air/security/aviation-security-policy/lags_en.htm), it is reasonably safe to assume that Nutella does so as well. Also, this page lists "pastes, jams and jellies" as liquids. The latter page is for British Airways ...


The British Airways page on liquids, banned and restricted items has a link to a PDF document detailing the items which cannot be carried as cabin luggage. This document mentions toy guns as being forbidden in carry-on luggage (emhpasis mine): PASSENGERS AND CABIN BAGGAGE Without prejudice to applicable safety rules, passengers are not permitted ...


Within the EU, you can bring the water gun, but not the nerf gun in your cabin luggage. The relevant EU regulation ban 'devices that discharge projectiles', which should cover the nerf gun. The water gun is ok as long as it is obviously a toy gun and is not 'appearing capable, of being used to cause serious injury by discharging a projectile'. Categories ...


No. Plain and simple. Nutella is basically a gel and honestly I tried once to ask 2 different airports by sending them an email, whether similar things were allowed. They said they are not. Anyway, Nutella doesn't cost a lot and you could try to "sacrifice" a glass of it, but I wouldn't do the same with others gastronomic specialities.


This actually may not be an TSA policy but an airline one. An article in AZ central suggests that not all airline allow frozen meats in carry-ons so you may need to check with the airline that they do. The same article also suggests possible packing tips for transporting the frozen meats as well. Personally I would suggest having your meat vacuum packed ...


Regarding this great question, there are two critical points here: (Point 1) Nutella is incredibly different, depending the production center. Much as with, say, Lindt chocolate, if you are an aficionado, when you pick up a jar of Nutella, the very first thing you do is put on your reading glasses and examine the extremely fine print on the rear label, so ...


As stated in previous answers, Nutella will not be allowed in the cabin. However, you might find Nutella at the airport's duty-free shops (after you check-in and enter the boarding area). If bought there, then you can bring it in the cabin.

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