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There is advertising for free Wi-Fi at Guangzhou airport but.......... You have to buy a local sim card from a 'ripoff' seller (CNY 100 = AUD $22.) with virtually no credit on it. But it gives you the local number you have to enter to receive a Wi-Fi passcode. Any attempt to access the Wi-Fi will direct you to the official Wi-Fi webpage for registering. As ...


You've probably already visited in July and now its 6 months later but in case anyone is wondering... Guangzhou East to Shenzhen (Luohu - the border) 广州东-深圳罗湖is a little over an hour at the DongChe 动车 speed Guangzhou South, really far down there but on a subway line, connects to Shenzhen North in a little over 30 mins. 广州南-深圳北. One of these is right ...

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