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I have noticed that Travelex has advised... “No one can know for sure what will happen, however we want to ensure our customers are prepared for all possible scenarios and make contingency plans before they travel. As always, we recommend travellers take a combination of cards and cash. To avoid running out of cash, if there are shortages or ...


I went there in the summer for a couple of nights and I slept under a kiosk, right outside a church. 100% free! :D I have done this in Greece quite often. For some reason I get the feeling of the area that says me if it's safe or not. Still alive!


I think it is fairly certain that no such ferries exist. (Confirmed at turkeytravelplanner.com.) Until just recently (10-15 year?) there were no interaction at all between Greece and Turkey. What you can do is to get a ferry from Çeşme (just outside of Izmir) to Chios and from there get on a night ferry to Athens or Thessaloniki. I also found a schematic ...

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