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Actually, accommodation during November for Greek islands is going to be cheaper than the rest of the year. Also, flights to islands from mainland Greece are going to be cheaper (especially if you book in advance). The issue will be that only major hotels will be open rather than smaller family businesses/apartments. So for flights, try Aegean Air, ...


I think going anywhere in Greece right now is going to very cheap (relatively) because of the economic/political situation. The islands that make sense to see depend on where in Greece you are going. If you are say, flying into Athens, Mykonos/Delos is a close ferry away and are well worth seeing if you like ruins. From there you can ferry to Santorini if ...


This is not rocket science: It's ample for getting from one end to the other. It's not if you have to use public transport and also want to be a tourist. But, it's easily doable. Long distance bus transport is very good in Turkey.


Yes, you can as Greece is a part of Schengen zone. I assume you are worried because of the current situation in Greece, of course you can never be 100% sure about political stuff, but no matter what happens they gonna stay in a Schengen zone for quite some time. So if you are travelling anytime soon, you should be good.


The Greek Law Forbids Wild Camping First things first: a Greek law dating from 1976 forbids wild camping. Quoting from an article on The Guardian: Greece Wild camping here is illegal, the authorities preferring to point tourists towards money-making, taxable hotels and campsites. This rule is rampantly ignored, but we're not going to recommend that ...

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