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If you only hold a valid bebaiosi, you can only leave Greece to travel and return to your home country. If you travel elsewhere, you may be denied entry on return to Greece. You should wait until you receive your residence permit (Άδεια Παραμονής) before traveling to other countries.


If you have valid Schengen visa issued by one of the Schengen countries, you can visit any countries which signed Schengen agreement during your visa valid dates. For example, you can get Finnish visa and then spend all the time given by visa in Spain. It's absolutely legal, however, next time you apply for Finnish visa, they can deny issueing visa to you ...


Going surface travel via ferry to Italy and land travel from there, like train, will keep you within the Schengen zone, as will flying. You are not likely to see border officials although they can check randomly on and within the borders. But the company that transports you across borders can and should check your documents and if they do not trust that your ...


There should not be any systematic control at the airport for flights between Paris and Athens. This means that your passport won't be stamped and you will probably not even see any border guard on the way to or from Paris by air (on the other hand, going by land through Serbia, Romania or Albania would mean leaving and reentering the Schengen area which ...

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