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Regarding all 'major' temples, visitors are not allowed to enter them. According to the official Acropolis restoration service: Why is it not possible to visit the interiors of the monuments? There are two reasons why it is not permissible to enter the interiors of the monuments: in order to protect the monuments from the additional weight ...


The Parthenon is undergoing extensive restoration work so you cannot enter it. You can get close enough to get a good view of the structure.


No, you cannot enter the Schengen area only with a UK residence permit if you citizenship does not allow you to visit without a visa. A possibly source for the confusion is that a residence permit from a Schengen country (including most EU countries but not the UK) does allow the holder to visit other Schengen countries without visa. Another source for the ...


Your UK work permit is not valid to enter the Schengen area, also for short time. The exception for non-UE nationals living in UK is to hold a UK residence permit indicating "family member of an EU citizen".

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