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It's a statue of General Yannis Makriyannis. The location is on the intersection of Dionysiou Areopagitou and Vyronos Streets. The inscription on the base of the statue mentions the General's name and years of life, sprayed over by some vandals. Source:


I'm sorry, but though it might be common that Corfiot hotels tolerate, accept or even promote the usage of their facilities by non-guests, you have absolutely no carte blanche as in 'you can roll up to any other swimming pool and use that, free of charge'. You must especially expect restrictions from hotels offering all-inclusive-service, since they might ...


No, your visa will not allow you to enter Croatia. To enter Croatia with a Schengen visa, the visa must be valid for at least two entries, see 'Visa requirements overview' from the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.


I've checked the rail map for the area near Xanthi and couldn't locate any two-level bridges: While a two level bridge may exist somewhere else in Greece, there definitely isn't one near Xanthi.

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