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September is not exactly 'post-season'. It's surely not gonna be like July and August but there are gonna be some parties till mid September and the island is not gonna be empty. Here's a blog where they write about events in mykonos.


If you are going to be riding on rough terrain, a better (and probably safer) option would be to hire a quad bike. Most places that hire scooters in Greece also do quads. If you plan on going up steep hills you'll need one of the larger engine models, they will typically do a range of sizes. Another advantage is that because they have more than 2 wheels, ...


I've seen tourists kayaking without guides. I don't think it's a common practice that guides should be obligatory. I think you can work things out with a company and rent some kayaks without guides. Honestly speaking, all the islands are great for exploring. I've seen that you can rent a kayak in Zakynthos that is really exciting and has some great spots to ...


What could happen is that the border guards see the Romanian stamps in your passport and decide that you are an unreliable traveller because you have previously shown your willingness to skirt the rules. They could then ask you to provide more details about your plans and/or ultimately rule that you were not able to establish you have a valid purpose for the ...

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