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I think you're limited to renting a car or traveling on Greyhound. Amtrak does have a route that crosses the upper parts of Montana and North Dakota but I wouldn't call it very useful. If you rent a car, you can save money by renting and returning the car to the same location. Returning a car to a different location is usually more expensive. Greyhound has ...


As a native-Montanan and a traveler, I highly recommend renting a car when traveling in Montana. Bus service is expensive and irregular. What's more, many desirable destinations simply do not have bus service. Greyhound recently cancelled (see article linked below) many of their in-state routes. Megabus and other cheap bus companies DO NOT operate in the ...


Megabus is hands down the cheapest buy for the value, granted you're on the Eastern side of the plains. Plan ahead, and anything is cheap. I went from Indianapolis to Denver for about $70 in 2007 because I bought 4 weeks ahead. Always buy four weeks ahead, minimum.


You could try your luck and look for a ride share at least for some parts of the trip, or see if someone wants to chip in for gas. I usually found some notices in the local hostels where backpackers ask or offer a lift via scenic route without being in a hurry, so that might work for you as well if you decide to hire a car and explore all the touristy spots ...

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