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Although they say "The process may take 4-6 weeks", when I did it, it only took a couple of weeks after submitting my application. At that point I had to make an appointment to go down to the airport for an interview. I was able to find an appointment date easily. The process at the airport took about half an hour and then I was good to go right away.


Checked with a few colleagues that have been through the interview... The interview is done by CBP (Customs and Border Patrol). The questions seem to vary, but mainly cover your travel patterns, countries you've been to, employment/employer, etc. Total time for the interview was around 15-20min, including watching a short video, and a sample of how to use ...


My application was approved in what seems to be the standard time, about two weeks. The next step is to schedule an interview and from what I read on blogs this is what takes most time. Indeed so: I live in Phoenix and next available interview was two months ahead. Looking for alternatives I noticed that there was a selection, called SEMA October 2012 ...


I did mine about a year ago -- I'm an Indian-American US citizen and was just starting grad school at the time. I had over the summer before the interview visited a bunch of countries in Asia. The interview was fairly straightforward, but they did ask me about every country I had visited (what cities did I visit, what were the dates, why did I go, who did I ...


My interview was this past Monday, and I am now a member of Global Entry (: I had my interview at DFW International Airport in Dallas. I arrived first thing in the morning, located the office and signed in. There were already 8-12 people waiting for their appointments. After 15 minutes or so, a CBP officer called my name and led me to his cubicle. We ...


Your GE application has only been pre-screened, you are not approved for the Global Entry Program until after the interview has taken place. Normally you get your card by mail and then have to activate the card before everything is 100% ready. I didn't ask if I could get the number earlier, simply went through the interview process. You might try calling ...


My approval was very fast. I did the application on a Tuesday and in 6 days I got my pre-approved letter. But I have a cousin that has been waiting for the approval/denial answer for more than 4 months. So basically there is not an exact waiting time.

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