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When you meet them. You may well get "reverse omiyage" from your friend when you're leaving, though!


Being Chinese, I thought this was a rather interesting question. I personally have not heard of such a taboo, but since there are regional variants on bad Chinese gifts, this might vary with area, and is certainly not authoritative. Due to this, unless some academic publishes a research paper on the topic of Chinese taboos with properly cited information, ...


Perfumes are not listed as a regulated item, hence you should not have issues with perfumes - as long as the value is less that what is allowed; which is 35,000 INR (if your stay outside of India as more than 3 days) or 15,000 INR if less than 3 days.


Two possible sources here, one with brevity, one with detail. The Taxation and Customs Union page specifies: Up to a value of €430 for air and sea travellers Up to value of €300 for other travellers The value on an individual item may not be split up. but doesn't really explain how they define it. So the UK government has a page on Electronic ...


Assuming that the question is about items bought in the US and then brought to Europe (not 100% clear from the question title), the rules can be found here. Note that whether stuff is boxed, new, etc. or not does nor make a difference in general - it may make a difference for determining the value of the goods, though (new vs. used). An almost-new product ...


Mark and DCTLib already posted a link to official EU guidance on this (+1 to them) but it might be useful to clarify how these rules are intended to work. Firstly, there is a fundamental difference between goods that have never been imported in the EU and things you take with you out of the EU and want to bring back in but that were originally bought in the ...


India is a very religious country, so the couple's religion can matter. If they are in different religions, do it in favor of whose side you are visiting for. It is accepted if you leave cash in an envelope for the couple. Observe others to see whether they write the names in it or not, and follow. Usually, there are envelopes available on-site. I can't ...


Turns out you can bring any amount of fudge you wish to in the UK, as long as it is for personal use (i.e. not for resale). Fudge should be a confectionery, and according to UK customs rules confectioneries are exempt from import restrictions: Exempted food products The following products are exempted from the rules: [...] chocolate ...


Definitely arrive with a gift from your home country. Edibles and tea or coffee are common gifts and widely appreciated.


South Africa now has a traveler card (14+ MB download) which has to be filled out on arrival. They state that you should declare all goods. This is from the SA government page here. More info here. The relevant section is here: I don't see a section to enter goods value or description, but if asked you should, of course, answer truthfully.


The places where children have easy access to dentists and toothbrushes are generally the places where children have easy access to candy and don't need or particularly want any from you. If you came to Canada to see Niagara Falls or the Rocky Mountains and were handing candy to any Canadian children you saw, people wouldn't think you were being at all ...


It depends on your friend, but I prefer useful gifts, specially before a long trip where any extra weight might be a problem. Does your friend have all the gear he'll need for the trip? I found this question on Bicycles SE about gear for a long bike trip. You could check if he's got all the needed resources and give him any he might have forgotten. Another ...


Going to answer this part: "Will it be safe to bring them without risk of paying tax?" Yes it will. Make sure your items are not boxed and wrapped in paper. Unless it looks like your going to sell it, the airport personal will not be bothered.


It doesn't have to be anything elaborate, but something typically American will be appreciated. If you are from a rural region, some local products will be nice, otherwise just get something from a souvenir shop at the airport before you leave, and don't worry about the kitsch. If you want to make it personal, add a box of your favourite candy. (Candy is ...

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