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I just asked my host here in Kathmandu and without hesitation he replied... CHOCOLATE! Not the local stuff but nice imported chocolate. Apparently it's a big hit.


The holy trinity of Chinese gifting is liquor, cigarettes and local delicacies. In the $15-20 bracket you're presumably not looking to bribe anybody, so a nice bottle of California wine might fit the bill, although they're fragile and a pain to transport due to liquid restrictions. For local delicacies, things like chocolate or candy are pretty safe, and ...


Regardless of where you're going, local specialities are always good: the kind of thing you'd have trouble finding even elsewhere in the US. Some ideas: cookies, especially the giant, (pseudo-)handmade, chewy kinds like Pepperidge Farm candy, eg. Reese's Pieces and other peanut-buttery things rarely seen outside the US liquor, eg. whiskey or Californian ...


I haven't traveled to China, but I have traveled extensively through Thailand, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Nepal. In my experience, the locals really appreciate small American-made things like chocolates and candy. A bag of Hershey's kisses made me the favorite person among all the kids when I was visiting a friend in India. Key here is to buy something ...


I think you can gift them imported perfumes/deos (if you have any) or Socks (for a nice long memory),

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