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The simple answer is that you will require a visa, or you'll need to change your flights. In general, Indian citizens do need a visa for all trips to/through Germany, even if you are only in transit. However there is an exception to this rule for people that hold a valid US visa which means that you do not require a visa if you are in transit, and if you ...


Summary: Your German visa is not enough, you need an Irish short-stay visa. Ireland is not part of the Schengen area, so a German national visa is not enough to enter the country. Since Armenia is on the list of “countries whose nationals are visa required”, you do generally need an Irish visa to go to Ireland on holidays. There is however an exemption for ...


Here is what I found works best Book flights with US passports. US is very picky, Germany is not Check in with US passport (both sides) Exit and enter the US with US passport (you MUST do this, it's a legal requirement) In Germany use whatever immigration line is shorter :-)

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