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Assuming you are visiting the US on the VWP (Visa Waiver Program) and returning from Mexico by land you need only your passport and preferably your I94, which you were given when you entered the US. Even if you somehow don't have that something documenting your entry to the US should do, as you can apply for another. Even without that they will probably let ...


I wanted to add my own experience to the answers here. Israel no longer issues stamps I found this to be true at the main international airports. At land crossings they will still issue you a stamp unless you explicitly tell them not to (and also depends on their mood). However if you are entering via a land crossing, such as Jordan, you will get an exit ...


Yes. I worked in the United Arab Emirates and traveled to Israel twice. Naturally, I didn't want a stamp in my passport, since I worked and traveled often to Lebanon, Yemen, etc. Simply ask nicely and they'll put a stamp on a slip of paper for you. I never even asked, but you might want to, just in case. Do not lose that paper, as it needs to be ...


Germany has been willing to issue multiple passports for such situations. (German wikipedia link)

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