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You indicated in a comment that your wife has German citizenship, and that she will be traveling with your daughter (and with you, though that's not relevant for our purposes). Because of those facts, your daughter can benefit from freedom of movement as laid out in directive 2004/38/EC, as the family member of an EU citizen. It's therefore not necessary for ...


German embassies abroad can provide a "Reiseausweis als Passersatz" for Germans who have lost their papers. This is supposed to be used to get back to Germany, but according to German websites this is accepted by other EU countries as well.


I'd try to replace the German passport as quickly as possible. It seems that as a Brazilian citizen, you can enter the UK without visa for six months. But you need a visa to join your family or partner in the UK for a long stay. Assuming that your daughter would want to stay with you long term in the UK, she'd need a visa. Now since she is a German ...

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