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No, there is no scenario in which some sort of Georgian permit or visa opens any special access to the Schengen area. It is true that Georgia grants visa-free access to Schengen visa holders, but it only goes one way, Schengen countries do not recognize Georgian visas.


As of June 2016, I can confirm that a foreign non-resident can apply and receive a tourist visa to Russia in Tbilisi, Georgia. I've just picked mine up from the consulate. The process wasn't simple, and the application is long, but it is possible. There are some additional requirements for Australian citizens, requiring the application to be completed in ...


The only legal way to enter Abkhazia is from the territory of Zugdidi Municipality. No other way! Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs states, that in all other cases you will inevitably violate the law and fall under criminal resonsibility by Georgian laws.


Have a look at this link. You apply for visa online, and then physically get it by reporting to a consular service within 3 days of entering the country (you get an entry permit sent to your email which you use to actually enter). I would not advise trying to obtain visa/entry at the border, unless you are exempt from visa by Abkhazia. Also take note of the ...

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