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This is not rocket science: It's ample for getting from one end to the other. It's not if you have to use public transport and also want to be a tourist. But, it's easily doable. Long distance bus transport is very good in Turkey.


Kars has quite a harsh climate. In November and December the driving conditions are not the best in that area. Moreover, if you don't want to freeze your balls off, think twice before considering options that involve walking, hitchhiking or waiting for buses or taxis in the middle of nowhere. From Kars there is a bus to Hopa, on the shores of the Black ...


If you consider not the shortest route you can look at Rome2Rio there is a multi-hop bus route to Batumi. And if it's not particularly urgent: look at the Kartsakhi crossing answers


I just took the train a first class sleeper from Yerevan to Batumi and enjoyed it. The car was about 1/3 full so it was quite and comfortable. The train trip is a little longer but you can us the internet service as far as either the Georgia country line or Tblishi. It worked very well and customs was a breeze. Just answer a few questions provided your ...


Yes, you will need a visa. Turkey doesn't seem to care about your status in Georgia. Just in case you happen to have a visa from a Schengen country or an OECD country, you can use their e-Visa system which seems to be a quicker way to go about it. India: Diplomatic passport holders are exempt from visa for their travels to Turkey up to 90 days. ...

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