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The only legal way to enter Abkhazia is from the territory of Zugdidi Municipality. No other way! Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs states, that in all other cases you will inevitably violate the law and fall under criminal resonsibility by Georgian laws.


Have a look at this link. You apply for visa online, and then physically get it by reporting to a consular service within 3 days of entering the country (you get an entry permit sent to your email which you use to actually enter). I would not advise trying to obtain visa/entry at the border, unless you are exempt from visa by Abkhazia. Also take note of the ...


I don't see any problem at all at finding a cab at Navtlugi or wherever you want in Tbilisi. Just rise you hand on the road and any free car will stop near you. And also I am sure that plenty of cabs reside on the Navtlugi station. However, if you want to be super safe, you can call taxi by phone with following numbers: 2 717 717 291 14 14 2939 100 ...

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