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I just found the right tool for you (SUN TIMES), it does exactly what you want, it shows the path along with the day/night status in the exact position of the aircraft. It is a Windows Application (from the days they used to call it program), click on the Aviation --> Flight Plotter menu. Here is a screenshot (the large red dot is the plane): And to ...


Both sunset and sunrise move east to west. When it's the wee hours of the morning in Brazil, the sunrise is east of you, in Europe where it's already morning, and headed your way with 3 or 4 hours to reach you if you stood still. Since you're flying east, you're flying in darkness towards the sunrise. Once you reach it, over the Atlantic, you'll be flying in ...


You can use Google Earth to calculate this: Assume a great circle path Search for the start and end locations and draw a great circle between them Switch on the day/night function Move the date/time slider to the particular time of the flight at departure, then move it to landing (If I remember, I will add screenshots later today)

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