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It does remotely look like an airplane as Google Maps / Earth reveals:


It's clearly visible in Google Maps, where you'll also notice that it is much larger than a real airliner. The human brain is very good at recognizing pattern, and in your case it identified this lake loosely resembling an airliner. The phenomenon of recognizing patterns in random data is called Apophenia. So in summary, there is no reason to assume this ...


That's Pineview Reservoir. It has a three-fingered shape (or fuselage-and-wings shape) because it was built at the confluence of several streams. It is indeed a real body of water, but not technically a lake. Sources: Firsthand experience at the reservoir,-111.8092137,13z ...


Assumptions Let's make some assumptions: The question "how far can I see?" can be answered by asking "how far is it to the apparent horizon?" It is possible to calculate the distance from a point to the apparent horizon By this definition, a taller vantage point allows to see farther than a lower one The minimum height above sea level in Ethiopia is 2000m ...


The answer depends on how the question is asked. GPS coordinates (i.e., longitude and latitude) are: Pochnoi Point, Semisopochnoi Island, Alaska 51°57'42"N 179°46'23"E Amatignak Island, Alaska 51°16'7"N 179°8'55"W Thereby making the point in the U.S. that is the farthest east Pochnoi Point and the point in the U.S. that is farthest west Amatignak Island. ...


You can see 7 proper counties From Lowbury Hill on the Oxfordshire / Berkshire border: Oxfordshire lots Buckinghamshire Chilterns Berkshire watership down Hampshire Beacon hill Wiltshire near Coombe gibbit Gloucestershire Cotswolds Northamptonshire Musswell Hill.

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