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Whether it is possible to see the Red Sea from Ethiopia depends on Air conditions Altitude Whether the view is blocked by other high-altitude land or not For the last two points we have the website HeyWhatsThat, which uses information on topography to generate "views" from mountains all over the world. Browsing the map close to the Ethiopia-Eritrea ...


Assumptions Let's make some assumptions: The question "how far can I see?" can be answered by asking "how far is it to the apparent horizon?" It is possible to calculate the distance from a point to the apparent horizon By this definition, a taller vantage point allows to see farther than a lower one The minimum height above sea level in Ethiopia is 2000m ...


You can see 7 proper counties From Lowbury Hill on the Oxfordshire / Berkshire border: Oxfordshire lots Buckinghamshire Chilterns Berkshire watership down Hampshire Beacon hill Wiltshire near Coombe gibbit Gloucestershire Cotswolds Northamptonshire Musswell Hill.

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