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If you don't care people staring at you thinking you are a completely insane person, you can try the ostrich pillow. They have other types of pillows on their website.


Use your clothes. You're already packing them. If they don't hold sufficient form, carry a pillow case and put a few items of clothing inside--either folded, or wadded, depending on the texture/form you desire. If this isn't soft enough, carry one of your existing travel pillows and place it between the pillow case and clothing for an added layer of ...


I usually just use my large towel and fold it down to pillow size. Towels are just about the most massively useful thing any traveller can carry. It fits all your pillow requirements and you probably already have one in your luggage, so you don't need to buy anything or carry an extra item in your backpack.


I do not know Bulgaria well but I can tell you where you should look at for this kind of outdoor stuff. Karaköy is the best neighbourhood for buying outdoor and camping gear. You can find famous brands for good prices and average equipment for less. There are tens of outdoor shops there. Do not forget to negotiate the prices since there is at least 30% ...


Eagle Creek makes quite a few wheeled backpacks, that come with a suspension type strap and waistband set up. One model you can remove the harness system to reduce the backpack's weight if you are traveling somewhere that you won't need the straps. And contrary to backpacker purists beliefs, are comfortable to carry as a backpack. They are not form ...


"Good wheeled backpack" is considered an oxymoron by most serious backpackers, myself included. Wheels add extra weight, rigidity, and break-ability to what otherwise could be a perfect bag. However, if health concerns dictate the use of wheels, there's not much that can be done about the requirement. That doesn't mean there are products that will actually ...

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