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In March 2015, I accidentally left it on my keychain while going through security in a U.S. Airport. The TSA agent noticed my keychain in the bin and asked about the Swiss tech key chain tool. After he examined it he declared it a blade and tossed it in the bin, never to been seen by me again. My advice, leave it home.


These are popular in Germany and are available in the retail markets there. I used the Google search term "Reißverschluss Reise Bettwäsche" which roughly translates to 'bed sheets for travel that close with a zipper'. I also used "Hausstaubmilben-Allergiker" (house dust allergy) with less conclusive results. From a canonical point of view, the objective ...


How does the CT-22C (With Zipper) from Longroad sound? According to the description it can be used both flat and zippered, is machine washable since it's 100% cotton, and is lightweight at ∼ 500g. I am not sure it has a pillow pocket though, as the website isn't very clear. Might be worth contacting them. Below is a screenshot from the aforementioned ...

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