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Nobody will be offended. It is a common practice among children to search for amber or shells. However I would not expect too much. Amber can be easily mistaken with other rocks and if you ever find something it would be rather of a small size. The beaches along the whole coast are easily accessible and I can hardly believe in the existence of hot spots.


No, no one is going to be offended; In fact, it is a common practice, as already mentioned. Random facts: The best time is just after the storm, especially during winter. I've heard some people go early in the morning for a search. Never underestimate the place. Sometimes you can find a lot of amber in crowded-looking part of beach. There are even some ...


The ticket prices for Malbork castle you can find here. There are a lot of different tickets available, for example, with or without guide, only the interior or also the exterior building, etc. When we were there this summer, we went through the whole castle inside and outside without a guide. It took approximately 2 hours. We arrived in late afternoon. So ...


According to a post on TripAdvisor by JeenaB who is from Kaliningrad tickets are only available at the station. There are 3 buses, one at 6:30am, 3:30pm, and 5:00pm. JeenaB states that the buses are rarely full so there shouldn't be anything to worry about. So it looks like the only way to get a ticket is at the bus station, but there shouldn't be any ...


The website is great for train schedules. It shows the quickest trip to Malbork from the main station in Gdansk is 53 minutes, and 8 zloty is about 2 Euro. Malbork castle is huge so allow a few hours, and it is well worth getting a guide because there is so much you will miss otherwise. A guided tour takes about two and a half hours.


You can check public transport on site http://trojmiasto.jakdojade.pl/?locale=en I made a direct link to your connection; you can change the time, date and places of start and end (by right-click). It's very important wheter your journey will be at weekend or on a workday. At workdays buses and trams runs more often. Anyway, I think that in your case a taxi ...


As I understand it, amber gets washed ashore and it is usually just little bits and pieces, probably nothing significant but a nice souvenir nonetheless. Check Sopot beach. It is mentioned at the site that it has some amber from time to time. I believe you have the same chances of finding amber at any beach there.


To get from the Gdańsk ferry terminal to the Gdańsk central railway station (Gdańsk Główny) in less than an hour, the only safe way is by taxi. As of November 2012, the ferry from Nynäshamn arrives at 13:00 and the train to Kraków departs at 13:53. For other trains there may be more time; this answer relates to the mentioned times. There is a taxi queue in ...


Nobody will be offended if you look at a public beach and don't start digging large holes. But be careful - after WW2, lots of unused ammunition was dumped into the Baltic, and sometimes fragments of phosphorous from incendiary bombs get washed ashore. Those look very much like amber, except they spontaneously combust when they get dry and warm. Quite a few ...


In most cases you can buy tickets before departure. But there can be problems during russian holidays. At least 4 dayly buses are available from different companies. And only one company offers you online booking: http://ecolines.net/


As was said earlier, it is recomended to search for amber right after the storm when you a lot of new stuff can be found at the beach. But there are several special events - Amber Collecting World Championships Here is a short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWwfODp64p4 Event dates for 2013: http://www.polawianiebursztynu.pl/artykul/53


We went to Gdansk last summer (staying in Sopot) and took trains on day-trips around the vicinity, Malbork included. Taking the trains was hassle-free, but the fare system was completely opaque to us. The fares are low, so it's not that big of a deal. Malbork castle was nice, and you can go in there without a guide. There were guided tours in Polish, ...

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