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The answer is: sure! Go straight to your embassy in Vienna. indeed, since you say you are "living in" .AT, that is where you should go. (If you went to the Paris one, they might just tell you - oh, go to the Vienna one since you're living there.) http://www.indianembassy.at/pages.php?id=19 "Issue of a duplicate passport, in case passport was lost, ...


Can we assume that this is a stay just overnight while on the road. The majority of the budget chain hotels are rather standardized, and, as you have seen, family rooms are rare. You might consider two rooms en suite instead. For stays from 3, maybe 2 nights on, you might consider vacation apartments, which you might find on Gîtes de France or Homelydays. ...


If the item purchased is exported then it qualifies for VAT refunds under most schemes. However the person whose name is on the paperwork is the one who has to apply for the VAT refund when leaving the country. So the question will be, if the store is willing to allow a French citizen to pay and put the foreigners name on the paperwork.

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