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Check out Sacra di San Michele, about 45 minutes north of Torino:


Check out the Forte di Bard: It's about an hour north from Turin, on the highway to Valle d'Aosta.


Here's one that you can definitely visit. Rivoli Castle: Cost: €6.50, free for under 11 Open: Tue-Thu 10am-5pm; Fri-Sun 10am-9pm


Assuming that this page (which also has more details about the citadel and what's inside) is still up-to-date, it appears that it is possible to visit only via pre-booked guided tour costing e7 booked via tourist office. So seems that the tourist office should have all the details. The Official Lille Tourist Office page says: THE CITADEL ... The Lille ...


Most of these castles are located in Aosta Valley (Italy). I've driven around this place and also did the Italian Job (Great St. Bernard Pass). If you plan to visit this part of Italy, I would also recommend the Great St. Bernard Pass (closed in winter).


Following the information that @BrendanMcK found, I headed to the Lille Tourist Office this afternoon to ask them. (As an aside, the tourist office is worth a visit in its own right, as it's in an amazing old building!) According to the tourist office, they do run tours of the Citadelle, but only on Sundays in the summer. Summer is apparently defined as ...


In addition to the good suggestions you already received I'd like to add: Forte di Bramafam: built between 1874 and 1889 it's one of the greatest fortifications of that period. It's in Val Susa, near Bardonecchia Forte di Fenestrelle Rocca di Verrua Savoia Batteria dello Chaberton [I assume something like Exilles is considered mainstream and so it ...


Well I'm pretty sure I found it by pure coincidence about a week ago on my way bag from a many-hours-long random walk around Seoul. From Hongdae it turns out you can walk pretty much directly East following the sun if it's morning or away from the sun if it's afternoon. If you do that following the bigger roads you'll tend slightly North but you'll end up ...

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