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In Wikipedia there is a page about the relations between Croatia and Serbia For the first time in history, Serbia as an independent country will be represented by its national team against the Croatian team on March 22, 2013 in qualification group A of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. For the safety of the lives of those attending the next two matches in 2013, ...


After quite some searching, the best I can provide is a link on gumtree which shows classified ads for soccer in Dublin. Several of them are trying to form teams or need extra players, and I'm sure would be happy to have a visitor join in for a game!


There is at least one - the Hilton DoubleTree Milton Keynes is located in the West stand of the 32,000-seat Stadium MK! (Home to the MKDONS) Several of the room types feature views out over the pitch (you'd want the ones saying "With View" in the booking list), and the restaurant/bar has views out of the pitch. The only downside is that the executive ...


What your friend told you it's pretty inaccurate and the opposite is actually true: many people at the stadium DO wear jersey / shirt of their favorite team. Authentic jerseys are sold pretty much everywhere at the same price, which is usually quite high. You can find "accurate enough" jerseys for lower prices, tho. Usually outside the stadium there are a ...


Go for eticketing.co.uk. Tried to buy ticket from ManUtd website and it redirects to eticketing.co.uk This website allows you to view the seat location and if there is no available seats, it can notify you if there is more seat available. Note that you should arrive early in the stadium since usually they separate the tribune for the home and visiting ...


I'd suggest someone like The Fanatics, who a group of us expats used to buy tickets. They tend to follow the Fulham games, but if you time it right for when Fulham is playing Liverpool, you could be in ;) Otherwise Ticketmaster is another option for events of all types, including the football, although possibly you'll need a UK address to have them posted ...


The Derby is played at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. Tickets are hard to get, but there are sites online. See my blog article for more information on the stadium, tickets, and brokers.

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