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I found one at Arco gas station with a food mart. I bought some drink and they let me use the microwave oven. It's so much better than to buy food from some shitty restaurants: healthy, economy, good taste from own cooking.


There is hot water in each carriage, so do for drinking instant coffee or tea is a good choice. If you want to "eat cheap", instant noodles / instant food is the right choice for you. Otherwise, the food in the dining car is also very good, you will get typical Russian food, and also it is not that expensive (usually US$5 - 8 in Rouble).


Eating utensils A mug is a must. Also, a spoon, a fork and a knife might be really useful. A bowl is also good to have if you have enough space. Of course, make sure these are from plastic so that they will not break if fall down to floor, and make sure they are suitable for hot water. Paper napkins is also good to have. Where to shop Avoid shopping ...


Random thoughts: When packing some food for the trip I really recommend going to a big store and getting things you know well. I recommend to avoid kvass if you didn't drink it a lot before. Same thing for kefir and its relatives. They can be a digestion problem for those who are not accustomed to them. Any fermented food is not a good option ...


In addition, consider to take some Doshirak lunchboxes (it's usual for Russians), fast oatmeals, buns or cakes and at least 2 bottles of still water (not lemonade!). It's also OK to take apples or other fruits, except of oranges (oranges are not the best choice for travelers), cucumbers. Drink tea for saving your own water. Be sure you have plenty of ...


Easy, since I've done this trip. In Yekaterinburg, go to the markets and get some base food. Whatever drinks you want, but vodka will be good to share if you're the sharing type (especially in platzkart class). Water too, especially in summer. You'll want snacks, try and not take anything smelly (Strong cheese, fish that might smell in heat). I highly ...


As I indicated in the other question, import of non-Kosher meat is prohibited [Israeli government website, in English]. I see no exception for quantities brought in with you. Kosher beef jerky is available in the USA, but the coals-to-Newcastle aspect is noticeable.


I used to use Foursquare for that purpose frequently and it never let me down. Recently however, it seems that the user ratings cannot be trusted anymore (biased, falsified etc.). There were some 9+ star restaurants I visited in different cities and was totally disappointed with both the quality of the food and the price (aka tourist trap). So, I usually ...


I found this recently and it gives a good set of tips. Basically it answers the question the other way around. Not how to find a good restaurant but how to avoid a bad one. One kf the most intersting is the one that relates the quality of the menu print with restaurant quality. There are several intersting tips: ...


Food is always iffy on the border but as far as I am aware beef jerky is raw meat and you can't import raw meat into Israel without a license.


Yup, at heiniken bar now. The only beer they sell is heiniken. They sell coffee and some food items. Well, it's called heineken bar.


Interestingly it seems to be down to the airline, here's a Daily Mail article about and a Huffington Post piece. From the first link: Is there a drinking age restriction? Despite restrictions imposed in bars and clubs, there is actually not a limit enforced during flights. Individual airlines have to decide which rules they abide by, although it is ...


I have seen Indian Sikh chefs on BBC (British) TV making 'beef' style dishes out of waterbuffaloo and they said it was a common thing to do in India as well. Not having been in India I can not confirm nor deny it, but if you do see 'beef' dishes in India, they might be waterbuffaloo.


Each state has its own legislation, some of which are summarised here. Maharashtra, the state in Western India that contains Mumbai (Bombay), introduced a total ban on beef earlier this year (2015). Possessing or selling beef is punishable by a Rs 10,000 fine or five years imprisonment. You'll still find restaurants in Mumbai advertising beef burgers or ...

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