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Using your cited vend-o-matic "restaurant", I would hazard a guess that the card swipe / authorization process is simply sale and does not offer a tipping option. Encouraging folks to "tip" a vending machine would likely not be viewed favorably by the buying public. Taking the automated restaurant further, to where robots are taking your order tableside, ...


In the US, tipping is usual (and expected) in so called full service restaurants; meaning you sit down directly and order at a table with the server. No tips are usual (but of course allowed and liked) in half-service restaurants, those are restaurants where you order yourself at a central desk, sit down, and your food is brought to your table by the ...


No, robots wouldn't even know what a tip was, and you'd not tip at McDonald's even staffed by humans.


I'm from Turkey and I live in ─░stanbul for 10 years, I will gladly answer that.. Will restaurants be closed during the day? As far as I can see, this depends on the location. In some small and conservative cities, most of the restaurants will be closed until Iftar (or some of them closed all day long). In ─░stanbul, most of them will be open during the ...


Hmm, I don't think so. By the website wording, I inferred that they want you to contact them. On their website it says (direct quote): If you have a special dietary requirement for medical or religious reasons, or you may be travelling with small children, we can provide a suitable alternative meal if this is requested sufficiently in time - at least 24 ...


The same page you linked to states: If the alcohol is purchased before going through the security checkpoint, our security rules apply for carry-on or checked baggage. Which means you must pack the growler in your checked luggage, as it's over 100 mL. There's no significant concern about it exploding. Remember that the cargo hold is pressurized the ...


Where Is it Illegal to Import Poppy Seeds? This list is by no means comprehensive as regulations may vary over time. Singapore I would like to know if I am allowed to bring poppy seeds into Singapore for my baking business. Poppy seeds are classified as prohibited goods by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB). Any company or person who wishes ...


I just googled and found Late Opening Restaurants in Bologna and several that I saw on that site listed being open to 3 or 4AM. But I'm not a local, so who actually knows? While doing my google search I also saw someone mention that the shops in the airport shutdown overnight - so you may be forced to get out if you want any refreshments anyway.


Yes, you will be offered food for free in the Nizzamuddin Eruklam Express (12284) as you are already charged in ticket. For evidence see the screenshot below which I took in the IRCTC website while booking ticket for the same train. To answer your second question the train usually reaches Manglore on time.

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