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As a native New Yorker, I've done this trip very many times via both car and plane. And I would only consider flying. It will be cheaper, faster, and much more pleasant for all. JetBlue is the best option in terms of comfort, though not the cheapest (if that's your main concern.) Countless other carriers do that route as well. The only exception in my ...


There are two campgrounds with different features and policies Flamingo http://www.nps.gov/ever/planyourvisit/flamcamp.htm Long Pine Key http://www.nps.gov/ever/planyourvisit/longpinecamp.htm You can also opt for backcountry camping http://www.nps.gov/ever/planyourvisit/backcamp.htm If you meant safe then yes, it is quite safe once you take the usual ...


Reservations are generally recommended during the high season November-April. I was there in January and all the campings were packed. If you can plan in advance I'd say a reservation is better. Flamingo http://www.nps.gov/ever/planyourvisit/flamcamp.htm

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