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I think those two cancellations are just isolated instances. I have found another website which logs the LYS-IST route and in a span of about a month, those are the only cancellations shown. Airportia - TK1808/THY1808 - LYS to IST Flight History


Flights get cancelled for a variety of reasons, but cancelling simply due to insufficent passengers is not a common one. Every plane has multiple uses during the day and cancelling flight A means the plane is not in position for flight B or flight C. It also means flight crews are no longer in the right place. Weather cancellations can come from upline, ...


I don't have any evidence for it but I suspect it might be necessary to satisfy APIS requirements. If you can provide a nickname, you could conceivably evade automatic checks against no-fly lists and similar databases. Also, many people (e.g. from places like Indonesia) go by names that are completely different from what's on their passport. As @pnuts ...

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