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I have never tried it for an other airport, but Schiphol, the Amsterdam Airport, publishes all arrivals, as well as all departure, on the text service of the Dutch public television. A quick search shows that London Heathrow also has a list of arrivals. Which makes me think that you might be able to find that information for almost all airports, if maybe not ...


I think you should call the air port where you are, and ask if they can tell you if there is any way for them to see if the plane that you are looking for has landed or delayed!


I believe that using a website like flightstats (http://www.flightstats.com/go/Home/home.do) will do the job. You can search by route, flight or airport. If that does not work, checking the arrival airport's website normally lists all arrivals on the date of your choice as well as where they arrive from and what airline. That would probably do the trick if ...


First, the travel agent is your point of contact here. Any changes to the booking need to be negotiated with the agent; believe it or not, the airline has no control over your booking at this stage. This is either very good, because the agent takes care of the leg work, in which case you should certainly patronize his or her services in the future. ...

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