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According to EGTRE, the single rail border crossing between Sweden and Finland carries freight only. Sweden and Finland use different track gauges, and freight is transshipped between Swedish and Finnish cars in Harparanda. The line across the border is dual-gauge, but according to EGTRE the standard-gauge track does not see regular use.


No, there are no passenger trains between Finland and Sweden. There is actually a train line crossing the border between Haparanda and Tornio, but it is currently (since 1988) only used by freight trains. Coming from Sweden, you could take a train to LuleƄ, from which you have to bridge about 160km on the bus to Kemi, where you will have access to the ...


Each playroom coach have 4 regular seats that can be reserved, no surcharge applies. Just book your ticket normally at the VR Shop, making sure to select one of the trains equipped with a playroom of course. Look for the little teddy bear icon next to Services: Then "continue to seat selection", and request a seat "Next to Playroom": Note that you ...

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