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I think I can comment on the weather in Berlin. I am not sure about the other place but I assume it won't be that different. In Berlin, it is hard to say what weather it will be ahead of time. June is usually a pleasant month (at least for me, used to this climate), with temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. The lower end usually requires jackets ...


It doesn't matter if you have a green card or not, what matters is your nationality. This list says Philippine nationals need a visa. You can use the green card to prove ties to your home country though! A USA residence permit (green card) can only exempt you from having to get a transit visa. This won't matter for you as you are visiting and not ...


The Japan National Tourism Organization lists the Philippines as a country that doesn't have a Reciprocal Visa Exemption Arrangement, requiring you to apply for a visa. You can find more information about what's required and how to apply for a visa for Philippine Nationals on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.


Assuming you have a long term visa or a permanent residence status in Canada, you can apply for a visitor visa from Montreal at the US consulate general. A friend of mine who lived here on a work visa was able to apply for a visitor visa a few years ago. The State Department's website doesn't mention any requirement where you can apply, other than your ...

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