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DFDS Seaways operate overnight ferries between Copenhagen and Oslo.


There are several freight ferries across the North Sea, operated by DFDS, including between the UK and Scandinavia. Routes include Immingham (near Hull) to Ejsberg (Denmark), Brevik (Norway), or Gothenburg (Sweden), and from Tilbury (near London) to Gothenburg. Note there is currently a freight ferry from Harwich to Ejsberg, but this is due to end in ...


Ferry from Helsinki, Finland to St. Petersburg, Russia where you get 72 hour visa-free access to Russia via the St. Peter Line. I spent ~50 euros one way where I got a 4 bed windowless cabin. We departed around dinner time in Finland and arrived in Russia the following morning. The ferry has bars, restaurants, sauna/pool, and shows. A great way to begin a ...


I have to mention the Norwegian "Hurtigrute", which runs between Bergen, Trondheim and even further up north (it stops at a lot of places in between).


There's also a overnight ferry route between Tallinn and Stockholm.


Not exactly between cities, but there is an overnight ferry in Scotland, sailing from Aberdeen to Lerwick, in Shetland. This is operated by NorthLink Ferries, and takes about 12 hours, or 14 hours if it is going via Kirkwall in Orkney. You can book a cabin, or cheaper just to sleep in a reclining chair.


The night ferry Harwich/Hook of Holland (Hoek van Holland) is a great way to get to/from the UK. The ferry is really comfortable and good value. The only downside is that you can't quite get a full night of sleep - more like 7 hours maximum (realistically more like six). It is not too hard to get to Harwich from London and you can get anywhere in the ...


There is a night train between Copenhagen (actually, Malmö) and Berlin, arriving between 6 and 8 am. The whole train gets inside a ferry to cross the water, and you can freely go to deck. Booking well in advance, the tickets are cheap.


As you have discovered the ferries from uk to Scandinavia are an endangered species, and as I discovered when I tried to answer this question earlier, that personal knowledge can also go out of date, and even when you back it up with info from a supposedly trustworthy link, and then that info is also out of date! As you detailed in your question there ...


One other option which accomplishes the goal of traveling by night while sleeping and arriving at your destination well rested is City Night Line by Deutsche Bahn and their European partners. http://www.citynightline.de/citynightline/view/en/info/infomaterial_en.shtml For example, there is a daily connection starting 8pm from Berlin/10pm from Hanover and ...


Condor Ferries run Jersey (St Helier) to Portsmouth departing 21:10, duration 9h 20m (about £60 per head).


DavidB has perhaps the most comprehensive answer (= the Google Answer)... but here's some bits that we've done over the years. If you are in the Med, there are a lot that go to/from Marseille as well as Barcelona. Obviously Corsica/Sardinia/Sicily are paired up there. There are a lot of different operators (Corsica Ferries, for example); start looking in ...


One popular overnight ferry close to where I live is a DFDS ferry from Newcastle to IJmuiden (Amsterdam). Both cities have plenty to offer for short trips and the fare is quite cheap if you get an off season deal and are a foot passenger travelling in a group. Last time I got it, it took around 14 hours overnight. Alternatively here is a map of some of ...


There are some ferries between the Scandinavian countries and Germany, e.g. Oslo-Frederikshavn, Oslo-Kiel (takes more than a night), Gothenburg-Kiel and Trelleborg-Rostock (don't know how long this one takes). Also there's a ferry from Esbjerg (DK) to Harwich (UK), but I think it's going to shut down.


Having now done it, it's worth noting several things. ANA flies between Tokyo and Hachijojima three times daily. The first flight of the day gets you in with about 90 minutes to spare before the ferry, and you have plenty of time to get to the ferry departure. The ferry to Aogashima is 2.5 hours and is basically a cargo ship with tatami mats. Or you can ...


Yes, it can get crowded! Buy your tickets in advance! Or it might be an hour and a half before you get on a ferry. [Note I base this answer on our experience on one particular Sunday, but it is reasonable to suppose that the situation is similar, at least on weekends, most of the year.] There are frequent departures (every 15 min), at least in the morning ...


OOPS, a bit of humor from above!! Someone slipped a digit, or two, here. The Ferry isn't U.S.$2,000+. It's closer to U.S.$200. round trip. (The poster confused TT$ with U.S.$, or slipped a digit in her conversions.) Or the prices have dropped ~90% in a year.....not!!

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