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Apparently not, the website explicitly lists this among the requirements: Same day arrival flight air ticket / e-ticket / boarding pass stub; […] Transfer to PRD / Macao within the same day of arrivals;


For reference, Tripadvisor has a review of it from earlier this year (actually several). It appears there are two options for boating : row boat for an hour (160 rupees per person), or motor boat ride for 40 minutes for 1100 rupees total. The motorboat can sit at least 6, so if you have a group this would work out quite reasonably. Further reviews ...


I think there is only one possible route, which is the alternate route shown by Google Maps, i.e. going back to Hwy 19. Google Maps shows you that there is a possibility to take a car ferry to Port Eliza and then to Zeballos. It tells you it is a BC ferry however I could not find any trace of such ferry on BCFerries map (maybe it is only running in summer ...


You're probably out of luck without delving into the world of freighter travel or private boats. There are cruises from Europe to the Caribbean. However none that I could find go via Jamaica or Trinidad and Tobago. Royal Caribbean, for instance, only runs them via Puerto Rico. Compilation sites also don't list those two as possible stops either. ...

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