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This can be useful for you View from webcams near port where cars get on ferry You can view and evaluate queues by yourself. And yes - Crimea and Russia are one country. You don't need visa or extra documents for visiting it from Krasnodar.


Actually, just found the news dated July 4, 2016 (Russian). The article states that SASCO had signed an agreement to resume the Ferry service from Sakhalin to Hokkaido using "Пингвин-33" as a ship. Original Source on ria news (Russian)


There are boats going everyday: From Singapore to Batam Island (Riau archipelago) From Klang (KL harbor) to Tujung Balai (Nord Sumatra) From Malaka to Dumai (Sumatra/Riau province) Except for the Singapore-Batam, information can be hard to find, but I took all of those boats in a not too distant past. I know there are visa on arrival at Dumai and Batam....


According to Lonely Planet, Malaysia to Indonesia by ferry can be a bit dicey. Some cursory other research does not look promising either. I would recommend taking AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur to Medan or Pekanbaru. It might be slightly pricier than a ferry but would be more convenient and have a lower likelihood of immigration related friction. There is a ...


Russia consider Crimea as own territory. So there isn't any border control between Krasnodar krai and Crimea. The checkpoint on the E97 you meant isn't a border control point now, but just a security checkpoint.


It's very difficult to predict the waiting time. As for pricing the differences are significant. Check out the pricing table here: Danish, English.

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