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The webpage maintained by appears to have a very thorough description: The Ocracoke / Hatteras Ferry departs from both the Hatteras and Ocracoke terminals daily, including all major holidays, from 5:00 a.m. until midnight. ... In the summer season, the ferry runs every 30 minutes from both sides during the prime ferry traffic hours, which ...


I have used both Ferries (and similar ones in Virginia) and as per the other answers it is first come first served basis. These things are treated like shuttle buses - you wait in line, drive on, enjoy the view and then drive off at the other end. And as per ID .. you'd have to be doing something really out of the ordinary to attract the attention of ...


A look at the site and schedules reveals that the Hatteras-Ocracoke ferry is free and runs every half hour. That usually means the ferry is first come first served with no reservations. Your inability to make any kind of reservation on the route bears that out. Ferries of this kind are usually on routes where the ferry frequency is able to cope with ...


You can easily determine what your wait times and everything else on the site of the Kerch ferry (Russian). Currently it lists wait time at 3 hours and you can see what the queue actually look like and guesstimate your own wait times on webcameras but as far as the border crossing is concerned: there aren't any.

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