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G.I.Y.F....................... http://wavetribecompany.com/2014-airline-surfboard-boardbag-fee-guide-for-surfers/


This is a common misleading trick on behalf of booking websites, where they show one price all the way up to the payment screen, and then add a mysterious "tax" or "booking fee". So the answer is that, yes, there are additional taxes to be paid on each flight, but the booking website chooses not to show them until the last moment.


I thought I'd update this with my experience. I rented through Elephant Rentacar in the end. For 11 days' hire in November (2015) I paid EUR161. For this I got a Mondeo-sized car (Chevrolet, I think) with aircon. I had to pay EUR 45 for a half-tank of fuel. Given an assumed 50-litre tank, this was a little over the rate at the time but not obscenely so and ...


I think the consular official got it wrong. Students on a Trip Based upon what you wrote, you would be exempt from the fee. The relevant authority is The Visa Code, Article 16, Paragraph 4. The visa fee shall be waived for applicants belonging to one of the following categories: (b) school pupils, students, postgraduate students and ...

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