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Daily withdrawal limits at ATMs are set by your banks daily spend limit as well as ATM transaction spend limit. Open a Citibank debit account which has no overseas transaction fee on ATM withdrawals and use that whilst overseas. It won't solve your fixed fee imposed at the ATM but every little bit helps.


Last time I flew Spirit, I was able to print my boarding pass at a kiosk without paying an additional fee. I believe the $10 fee only applies if you get a counter agent to print it for you.


As someone who used to deliver pizzas, we never saw any of that delivery charge. I can only speak for the US, but it's customary to tip on the order total. BUT! Tipping on a pizza is a lot different than tipping a server at a restaurant. 15-20% is customary for a server, but they're doing a lot more: taking food orders, delivering food usually, taking ...


The answer is a bit more complex... A pizza franchise is actually two separate companies: 1) the store (franchise) owned by some local small businessperson, and 2) the corporation that centralizes advertising and the order-taking and payment process for delivery. When you walk into a pizza place you pay the local business for the local costs. When you order ...


You never HAVE to tip for delivery pizza, but if you become known as a non-tipper, the delivery people will be less inclined to treat you well (hot, prompt, etc.). As far as two American chains go, Pizza Hut and Papa John's both charge delivery fees and if you look hard enough on their web sites, those delivery fees do not go to the drivers, at all. ...


You never have to tip. But the norm in Ontario is that you do. Since 15% would be just under $3, hand the delivery person a $20 and say "keep the change." Even if the $8 (probably less, I bet there was GST too) is all for delivery, I doubt it all goes to the driver. They make minimum wage and some of them have to use their own cars and gas.

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