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Cathay/Dragon air free baggage allowance is 20KG for Economic class, but my experience 2 weeks ago in Heathrow tells you can put not more than around 24KG. Cathay/Dragon extra bag charge is based on weight. It charges US$20 per KG from China(ZONE1) to Delhi(ZONE2), which means the extra bag costs you $460, around half of your ticket price


Base on the immigration department website, Indian can enter HK without visa for 14days. All vistors are required to hold onward or return tickets unless they are transit to Mainland China/Macau. However, the immigration officers may argue that you may work in HK and thus reject your entry, so you may have to prepare a flight/ship/rail ticket to ...


Your ticket is non-refundable, but possibly changeable with a fee. So you probably can change your return date by paying the change fee plus the fare difference. You just need to call the airline office where you bought the ticket from, presumably in India (since you said you will return to India). Now, before you call them, there's a bit of homework you ...


You should check the conditions of your bank account agreement with ANZ. Every bank offers different packages, and the withdrawal conditions are defined inside the package. The only variable to consider is the exchange rate applied by foreign bank, but for my experience all the banks apply the same exchange rate (ruled by Bank of China).

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