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Yes. Baggage fees are always per check-in. It is valid for multiple legs when you fly them in sequence, but when you get your baggage back, you're done, and next check-in costs again.


I am filling out an application for a UK visitors visa and I am planning on traveling with my child who is a minor. What visa fees am I required to pay? If you are planning to travel with a child under 18, you must... Apply for a Standard Visitor Visa for yourself; Apply for a Standard Visitor Visa (child visitor) for your child; Pay for your ...


The conditions for the Charles Schwab card remain almost as good as indicated in @holden's answer from 2011. There are still no fees, and still total reimbursement of ATM fees. However, the fine print says that the conversion rate will be between 0.10% and 1.0% in their favor relative to some benchmark, depending on amount and currency. This is my primary ...

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