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It may be wise to just take the big hit on a business flight Boston-Barcelona return, then use budget carriers to travel within Europe such as Easyjet or Ryanair. E.g. BOS-BCN, BCN-VCE, VCE-BCN, BCN-BOS You will only have to book 2 return flights which could be cheaper than individual flights. I apologize if this is does not coincide with your schedule.


On a trip like this, unless you have a really good reason not to do so, book a round trip instead of a multi city and fly the European section with a European airline. In case, book a BOS-BCN and a BCN-VCE roundtrip. You might find substantial savings. Or you might not but it worths a try. Use Skyscanner for the European leg, it knows about the low cost ...


It's not something we could know without knowing your dates and flights. But yes, it can happen, you'll just need to investigate. Sometimes the sum of segments can be less than the total price. ALso, do you have to use Delta? There are many trans-Atlantic airlines, consider an aggregate site like kayak which provides the ability to find flights with mixed ...


About your question on whether it is “possible to search for dates when the cheapest fares apply”: SNCF offers a “best price calendar”. After you select stations and an approximate date of travel, you get a calendar with a price for each date, which is the price of the cheapest ticket still available on that date. Selecting a date shows you the train details ...

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