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in kanyakumari, if you want to see the normal places like Vivekananda memorial etc, ferry services are available from morning 8 to evening 5 but depends on low tide/high tide and timing changes. For your personal seeing in the seas, there are very few options there and you need to negotiate everything else from timings to fare etc generally. Last time, I ...


It does change. Airlines sell tickets in blocks, so lets say one block cost $300 per ticket and next block is $400 per ticket. Assume you want to buy 2 ticket but there is only one left in $300 block then you will be paying a total of $700 as the second one will be priced at $400 - meaning $350 per ticket!


There are unusual in the West, but there are some airlines that offer cheaper seats when booking for multiple people. In particular, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific both offer "GV2" and "GV4" fares, available only to groups of 2 or 4 passengers respectively. For example, in this randomly Googled travel agent page, the single passenger price for a ...


My experience confirms Flimzy answer, so I won't repeat that. I would like to add a suggestion to get a cheaper price per person: when such situations arise just buy tickets separately and then share the total equally between each person. Try to find out which is the number of available tickets at the lowest fare and buy them in one transaction, then buy ...


The main case where the price-per-person will be different when searching for more than one person is when there is only one seat left at the cheapest fare. In such a case, the search engine (or at least every one I've ever seen) will search for the cheapest fare where all passengers can travel at the same fare. That might mean bumping all passengers to ...


Club Europe/World (Discounted). (A Business Class 'flavour'):


According to cheapair.com, the price starts to skyrocket 30 days before the departure date. Quoting it, [Within 29 days] the increase began to accelerate and once you were within 14 days the fares really shot up dramatically. Their graph:


As a whole airfares do not increase, rather available fare classes sell out or become invalid. On average, a economy section can have 4 to 8 fare classes available, with a limited number of spaces available in each class. As the cheaper spaces get sold, then the reservation system shows the next higher fare that is still available. In years past, a fair ...


I am afraid the answer is going to be “it depends”. With low cost airlines at least, the increase is gradual and it's not uncommon to see markedly lower prices for flights at inconvenient times. So a ticket on such a flight might still be available at a given price a week out whereas similar tickets for a more attractive flight on the same day disappeared a ...

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