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A possible way to do 1 is to first use search engines to find out which airlines offer both flights with and without stopovers, and then book directly from the airline's website. Usually, you are able to select both legs separately among all their offered flights.


New answer for old question - check out flyr at www.getflyr.com - they currently have a beta tool that gives you buy-wait predictions on domestic flights, like Farecast/BingT used to have.


I can confirm one scenario where it makes difference - when you travel with kids. We used it this summer when travelling to Europe and it knocked off around $200 for the kids tickets. But not all airlines do it. But if you search e.g. on Kayak, there is under dropdown next to Search button this list of options: Adults 18-64 Seniors 65+ Youth 12-17 ...


in kanyakumari, if you want to see the normal places like Vivekananda memorial etc, ferry services are available from morning 8 to evening 5 but depends on low tide/high tide and timing changes. For your personal seeing in the seas, there are very few options there and you need to negotiate everything else from timings to fare etc generally. Last time, I ...

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