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$17 plus tip according to http://www.taxifarefinder.com/ But it's only a couple miles, you could walk in 30-40 minutes if you're price-sensitive!


It's possible to pick a more expensive fare, for example if you want more flexibility or frequent flyer miles. By default, most airline websites will show the cheapest fare first but allow the user to pick a more flexible fare if they wish. Online travel agents and other third parties might not always offer this functionality but there is no guarantee that ...


Your fare class is a 2nd tier factor for upgrades, not a primary one. Airlines first look at your elite level status. They then rank their top tier flyers by the fare class. They then go the next elite level down and the same. So forth until they reach the non-elite flyers. It is not 100% cut and dry, as gold elite flyer on a full Y fare might get ...

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