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Since privatisation in the 80s/90s UK bus services are run by a vastly complicated array of private companies with overlapping and disparate jurisdictions, journeys, fares and services. Local services are run by many, many companies, often with overlapping routes. Sometimes the same route will be run by two companies! There are also national services ...


I would add to Liam's excellent answer above: http://www.transportdirect.info/, a Government funded transport website, sometimes has fare information for local bus services. You can work out an arbitarily complex journey and click "Tickets/Costs" and it will attempt to give you an idea of the costs. If it can't, it will point you towards a relevant website ...


According to the website of the local transport association VRR a single trip costs 16,50€ (just enter the trip into the search mask and click the "E" button to see the price). You can buy the ticket at the station. There is no open return ticket (but if you want to travel on the same day, or more often there are cheaper options, see that website). If you ...


To answer the second part of the question ("is it cheaper/possible to get an open return?"), the answer is no. In Germany, it is very uncommon that open returns are cheaper. Even buying a non-open return ticket will only lead to lower cost in very few cases. Note that as neo wrote, you will probably take the bus first, and as the bus and the train are ...


if at any point you are in Northern Ireland, Translink has all of their fares on their website, so you know in advance exactly how much a journey will cost - http://www.translink.co.uk/Fares/


An option is Busbud. They actually post occasionally on this site. For example, you can use it to see prices across a week for a trip from London to Manchester and it will show fares from multiple companies, giving you a comparison and choice. So I would argue there are obvious choices, once you know about them ;)

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