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Since you are looking for territories named British XYZ, below is a non-comprehensive list of these, ordered by distance (feel free to add more territories). All distances were measured using the Daft Logic Distance Calculator, using the search string United Kingdom as a starting point for calculations. British Virgin Islands: 6533.172km British Columbia: ...


You're looking for somewhere near the antipode of Great Britain, which is closest to New Zealand. It's hard to tell without looking at a detailed map, but the Chatham Islands are quite far from several places named "Chatham" in the UK. New Zealand is full of nearby places with UK-derived names: Christchurch, Canterbury, Dunedin, even a rural intersection ...


If you saw a single point of light and it was flame like, then it may have been an oil platform flaring off, as there are quite few of them scattered through the area. If it was multiple points of bright light, it would have been squid fishermen. Occasionally you will see a single boat, but usually they congregate in an area, so as to benefit from each ...


I looked through our database at Busbud where we're working to aggregate all the world's bus providers and routes. We're sure we don't know about everything yet, but we've found a lot of routes. There are several long routes in South and North America based on driving distance measured on google maps. Here are the top contenders for long same-bus trips with ...


In Europe, Eurolines operates relatively frequent bus drives between major cities and holiday favourites. The longest direct line I could find on their website rides from Hamburg (Germany), to Burgas (Bulgaria), takes 40 hours and covers just over 2300 km (assuming they take the shortest route). There might be longer ones, ... EDIT: From their French site, ...


I once took a bus from Toronto, ON (Canada) to Yellowknife, NWT. It took 80 hours. However, I seem to recall switching buses once in Calgary, AB. A search on (search at Greyhound suggests there is a transfer in Winnipeg, which I don't remember). That makes it about 2000km. Or 3400km if it was Calgary (it doesn't cut through the US).


It's very hard to prove which one is the longest. There's a 96 hour ride by Expreso OrmeƱo from Lima to Sao Paulo. I can't find proof that Birmingham bus ever happened.

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