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I think it is simply becuase there have been instances of people who had their luggages broken in transit from home to airport or between transfers. Why else?


It's straightforward ... people have an old, rubbishy, carry-on or roll-on case... They stop at the samsonite shop, they buy a fancy new cabron-fiber one... they transfer their stuff to the new one and throw out the old one, or, just take both. If you watch the shops in question, you'll see this happening all the time. Also very commonly (I've done this, ...


Setting aside the people who suddenly need more or different suitcases, an airport is one of the few places where you feel dissatisfied with the suitcases you have. While they're sitting in your closet, they're fine. You've used them for years and they work. But for the hour or two after you've packed them, lugged them from the car into the airport, and ...


Suitcases may fail in transit. That's a built-in market for replacements.


Even though the people who walk past are unlikely to be want to buy a suitcase right now, they are still the target demographic. How many other locations are there in a city where you can open a store where 100% of the people that walk past are people that travel by air, and thus the type of people that will be in the market for your products? How many ...


Not sure this fully explains it but the shopping area has certainly become an important revenue stream for many airports. I know several airports that have been redesigned to force passengers to pass in front of as many shops as possible, with S-shaped corridors and no short-cuts. Consequently, they sell a lot of things that most people don't need right ...


Water, water and water. Drinking something is probably a good idea and with water you wouldn't get any sugar, which even seemingly healthy options like milk or fruit juice have in excess (thus optimizing your first criteria). For the rest, you should get food anyway (not necessarily during the flight, if it's short) so there is no reason to compromise on the ...

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