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The Universal Studios tour? Disneyland? (There are other entertainment industry museums, too.)


Probably not what you had in mind, exactly, but the oldest remaining Bob's Big Boy restaurant in Burbank has near-museum status, plus, you know... food.


I am willing to contest the basic premise: despite several claims online, I won't accept that this train station is the second most photographed building in the southern hemisphere. That said, perhaps it depends on how you stretch the definition of 'building'. Not exactly scientific, but hard numbers nonetheless, I searched Flickr for... "machu picchu": ...


This is the sort of waffle that marketing people are very good at generating. It is positive in all the right ways, and negative in all the right ways. It's clever. Is it catchy? Yes. Is it carefully modest? Yes. (Note that it's not the MOST photographed.) Is it a slogan? Yes. Is it possible to disprove? No/unlikely. Are people likely to question it? No. ...

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