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The surface area is bigger when it is hollow. More the surface area means that it helps cool the drink faster.


To expand on Mark's JHB-SYD suggestion, the Johannesburg to Sydney route generally does not go far enough south to sight Antarctica because it can take advantage of the winds in the Roaring 40s. However, SYD-JHB will sometimes travel within sight of Antarctica (if not actually over it for obvious reasons) to avoid those same winds. The below photo shows us ...


First of all the earth is Flat, so of course you only were allowed to go to 70 degrees south. The reason why that plane crashed in 2003 was because they hit the wall, contrary to the idea that somehow a flight that cruises at 30,000 feet would somehow lower to 12,000 feet and crash into a mountain, Highly unlikely! Please do watch my video: ...


Australian escallator signs state 'stand left' and 'walk right'. It's my fault. In the mid 1980s I told my sceptical manager at a computer firm that I could have the firm advertised on the front page of a major newspaper, free of cost. The next day the newspaper front page published my suggestion, as an employee of the aforementioned firm, that Sydney's ...


The increase is in visas on arrival and not tourists Assume India had 100 visitors earlier, of which 10 availed of visa on arrival. Now 50 of them avail of visa on arrival http://qz.com/329397/no-tourists-arent-exactly-thronging-to-india-since-modi-launched-visa-on-arrival/


Signs like this are an artefact of earlier postcode assignment schemes that recall when the sign was manufactured. They may or may not sync up with the current postcode, or may indicate only a portion of the current postcode. There is no effort I'm aware of to make the older signs to synch up (presumably because of the cost). The discrepancies are not, to ...


A comparison just for the sake of making an example would be online shopping vs conventional shopping. Which one is easier? Ordering a movie online and being able to watch it on spot without moving your lazy butt or going all the way to the store to get the DVD? Same thing goes for visas. Most people when planning a vacation they put a list of places to ...


eVisas are easier to obtain, thus encouraging more people to visit. While for many who visit this forum, visas are but a minor nuisance, to many they are an obstacle, finding the form to fill out, going to get photos made, going to the bank for a bank money order ... easier to go somewhere else. Though I find a 400% increase to be stretching it a bit for ...


Just found this one @ http://poleofcold.com/the-zimnik-road-a-photo-story. Tried to find its location, to no avail unfortunately.

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