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The highest jump is at the Macau tower, at 233m, but it's technically a controlled descent, not a true bungee. That's the Skyjump. They do however, have a bungee with a guide rope there too. However, it's not over sea or water, as you requested. So then you have to look at the jump from the top of the Verzasca Dam near Locarno, Switzerland. It appears in ...


According to this list: http://travel.cnn.com/explorations/life/worlds-15-highest-bungee-jumping-sites-479316 and crossing it with the description here: http://www.skybreakers.com/eng/suomenkorkein_eng.htm apparently the highest bungee jump above/over the sea is in Kaivopuisto, Helsinki, Finland. The jump is done from 150 mts high. It's very likely that ...

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