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I think it doesn't matter as long as a bank in Australia has decent rates. If you decide to do that in Thailand, I suggest you to change a little amount in Australia still and then when you arrive, change the rest in Bangkok because in the airport the rates might not be good. I recommend Bangkok bank.


When I traveled to Thailand some years back, I found the best deals where in country! Find a big bank and you will find the best rates, just be cautious about hawkers vending out of date currency! I still have an envelope with a few of the bills I could not exchange back to US currency. They were out of date or fake.


The post you link to says about exchanging money right after hotels: [...] Mostly people will go to banks. Remember to take your passport, which need to be presented when converting currency in the country. [...] On another page of the same site I find bank branches listed in Pudong airport: For your banking convenience, banks are located in the ...


(disclaimer, Canadian here...) US cash currency is usually well accepted in major cities in most "tourist" areas (with different exchange rate). Use your credit card as you do normally. Use your ATM card as you do normally. I tend to have a reasonable amount of local currency with me just to get started; so I hit my exchange shop (or bank) before leaving; ...


I think it's preferable to use ATM at the airport. Or just use credit cards.


There are no countries that ban the US dollar, because this is a global trading currency. It is a currency that controls the effective rates of other currencies due to the large impact of the US economy on other global economies. In addition, a large majority of international money movement takes places in so called "major currencies" such as the US dollar, ...


For all practical purposes, the Mongolian tögrög is a closed currency, meaning you can't buy it outside of Mongolia. I'm not quite certain why this is so, but probably because it seems to be illegal to take more tögrög out of the country than you bring in, so there's no easy way for an overseas bank to gain a supply of tögrög to sell to you. (But don't ...


San Francisco is the major financial center for US-Pacific trade and the many bank branches will exchange your Euros. There's an exchange booth in one of the largest downtown shopping malls (other locations mentioned; I am not affiliated with that link). The problem is that exchange rates are terrible everywhere in the United States. I don't even get a good ...


Most of the time, you will get the best rate and convenience by using an ATM. Is this not an option?

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