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Let me expand on the "train transfer". It's pretty easy. I would say this is the best way to go, all things considered, especially because your hotel is right by Penn Station and so you don't have to navigate the NYC subway. Buses or airport shuttles might be cheaper but are subject to traffic; taxis cost quite a bit more. AirTrain is just an airport ...


The Northeast Corridor railroad connects Penn Station and Newark Airport, and the train trip is less than a half hour. Options include Amtrak and New Jersey Transit. NJT has more trains and is cheaper, while Amtrak has fewer stops (actually, looking at the map that might not be true -- it appears that the NJT train doesn't stop until Newark). In either case ...


If those times are on weekdays, traffic will be very bad. I would recommend the train, connecting to a NJ Transit train to Manhattan. The reverse when you leave.

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