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Edit: on closer inspection (thanks Krist van Besien for the seat61 link) it seems that sadly, the only practical options really are coach with ID or Eurolines (cheap, £20-£50ish depending on advance booking, but 5hr+), or Eurostar. Train > Ferry > Train Many possible routes, here's the fastest: High speed train from St Pancreas to Dover: around 1hr ...


IDBus runs coaches from London to Lille. They take some time though, travel time is 5h40. But they are cheap. http://uk.idbus.com/ But this does look like the fastest alternative that does not involve flying or the Eurostar.


It would be a tight squeeze, but depending on where you're starting in London, there's one theoretical alternative: flying via Paris. For example: Catch flight AF1981 from Heathrow at 12:15 PM, arriving Paris-CDG terminal 2E at 2:35 PM (1:35 PM London time). Catch the TGV Est 5425 at 3:07 PM from Aeroport-CDG (directly under T2), arriving in Lille at 4:01 ...


As far as I could see, last year, when I was waiting for a TGV at Lille Europe station, an Eurostar train for Brussels called on the same platform I would board my train later. Doors opened, passengers got off then the train departed. In this part of the station like any other in France, the access is open; the usual Eurostar security checks are only for ...


Contrary to your statement, you can add the number during the booking process. When you book from SNCB you can tick Loyalty cards. In the second step you can then add the Eurostar Frequent Traveller number: I know this doesn't help you anymore since you already booked it, but this is how you can add your frequent traveller number.

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