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I do not have experience travelling with a dog in cabin during a transatlantic flight. However I did it with a cat. We did it once on a Paris-Montréal with Air France and once on an Ottawa-Frankfurt with Air Canada. In both cases they did check that the weight of the cat + his cage was below the limit fixed by the company, however they did not measure the ...


I call it "Manual Bidet". Left hand with a rubber/plastic glove + water bottle. Use paper toilet paper to remove "excess" waste, then wash with water bottle. No direct handling of "poop". Believe me, I'm a male nurse...been cleaning patients for >40 years... :)


From personal experience, I would recommend smartphone only, but with a power bank. Usually, I just travel around with my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S4), with a 64GB Sandisk Ultra MicroSD Card. This can store thousands of photos. Also I have a Xiaomi Mi Power Bank(about 10400mah) which can be found for about £15 on eBay, shipped from China. Both are very ...

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