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If I follow you correctly, you entered the EU with two litres of spirits. Enforcement might be complicated by your complex bag checking wizardry but your legal position seems clear to me: You have crossed an external border once, there is no reason for any limit to be “reset”. Even if you only have to clear customs with your second bag on your final ...


EU passenger rights apply. If the delay was not caused by "extraordinary circumstances", you may be entitled to some monetary compensation.


Your problem seems to be leaving the country without being noticed. Fortunately, this is easier than getting in. Try eastern Europe. You will need to research the road crossings to find one that does not have any outbound border control. Once you get somewhere like Istanbul (Turkey), you can get a flight to Colombia, although it'll have to not go via a ...


I don't know precisely what your chances are and I suspect there is no official public statistics on this so that the people who do know would have learned that in the course of their duty and would be reluctant to provide many details on the record. Also, I don't know Spanish law at all. But I can confirm a few things: Which sanction you can expect is ...


Canada The Canadian TSA website says that you can indeed pack disposable razors and cartridges in your carry-on: Disposable (safety) razors and blade cartridges Carry On Baggage: Yes Checked Baggage: Yes European Union Whereas the website of the European TSA-equivalent organisation mentions razors (without mentioning disposable or not) ...


Yes I know that from an online search I did. Go on Google and search "EU residence permit and enter in the UK". This law was published by European court, but I don't know actually what was the real news. I heard that the European Court published a new law that that if the person has a resident permit on any European country they can visit UK without visa.


No you almost certainly can't. As explained in this question, eligibility for free healthcare in Ireland (and most other countries) is based on residency, not citizenship. You would need to obtain medical insurance to be covered for anything that happened to you in Ireland, and such coverage would not include pre-existing conditions. There are explicit ...

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