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If you never lived elsewhere in the EU, EU law has no bearing on the matter and regular UK law applies. Being married to a UK citizen is not enough to enter the country and your wife will need a visitor visa to enter the UK on a visit and a ‘family of settled person’ visa to move there. If you live in France and your wife has a carte de séjour “membre de la ...


Caveat: The Home Office has just published their report (dated Summer 2014) called Review of the Balance of Competences between the United Kingdom and the European Union Single Market: Free Movement of Persons which may (or may not) affect policy decisions impacting your question. Not immediately, but possibly in the foreseeable future. The UK is ...


To complement the other (good) answers, the only legally acceptable reason to deny a visa or refuse entry to someone recognized as the spouse of an EU citizen is if they present a “genuine, present and sufficiently serious threat” to “public policy, public security or public health”. So it's not never but it would be extremely rare (a more common occurrence ...


I ended up applying for the visa at the embassy in Tehran and picked it up 7 days later in Mashhad. A few points: it was not ready after six days it wasn't even ready on the morning of the 7th day, but after some phone calls from the guy at the consulate to Ashgabat, it was ready in the afternoon of the 7th day. You pay when picking up the visa, in my case ...


refer to Turkmenistan embassy while in Tehran, im not sure about Mash'had, and submit the documents to apply your visa


Yes, the passport only needs to be valid throughout your stay. If you need to stay longer, you could also renew your passport through your country's consulate. I don't have a reference at hand but I think EU countries cannot impose any requirement to EU citizens beyond having a valid passport or national ID card (i.e. no three or six months of validity).

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