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Having visited Istanbul and gotten Dondurma from such a vendor complete with the show, all I can say is it was one of the funnest experiences of the trip. I had no idea about what went on when asking for an ice cream cone and the Turks who were around when it occurred were all obviously in on the joke since they grew up with it. The showmanship alone was ...


Just practice your eye-hand coordination, e.g. you can play catch with your kids. If your eye-hand coordination is good enough and you have fast enough reflexes, you'll be able to snatch that huge bulk of ice cream enough for 20 persons that the ice cream man was holding in front of the woman's face in the video.


It'd be like going to a comedy show and telling the comedian off for making jokes at the audience. If it's expected and part of the 'show' or experience, it's what he does for a living, enjoys doing and to be told not to do it - well it'd be considered wrong. I'd hope you wouldn't tell the waitress not to ask about your day (she's being friendly as part ...


Simple You don't buy it Let's just analyse this for a bit shall we? You're not paying for the ice cream, you're paying for the experience. If you like ice cream but don't like entertainment or 'street entertainment' to be specific, buy your ice cream from somewhere that doesn't do that... Do not try and get the ice cream vendor to not 'do his show' for ...


Certain parts of this answer apply if you are a man. First I will assume that you have asked your lady friend if she would like to have sex and she has consented. Or if she was the one who asked, I hope you said yes (in the latter case, refusal would be seen as very poor etiquette.) Moaning can be suppressed, a creaky bed cannot. Anyway, if other guests ...


Close the door. Even better, place the Do Not Disturb sign too, particularly during hours when house-keeping usually takes place. Plenty of maids open the door quickly otherwise. You do not have to make the bed after, but do cleanup after yourselves if there are any fluids left outside of you or your partner(s). As a corollary, dispose of condoms yourself. ...


Generally, the only etiquette involves getting informed consent. If you are unsure how to get informed consent, I suggest following this script: Party #1: Pardon me. I hate to bother you. Would you like to do it? Party #2: Why yes. And it isn't any bother at all. Party #1: Then we shall do it. Party #2: Agreed.


There is nothing wrong with having sex in hotel beds. Treat it like your own bed. Don't stain the sheets too much, since someone else has to clean it. Think of all the people going on "romantic breaks", or honeymoons, or a wedding. Plenty of people have sex in hotel rooms. You should put a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door.


I've hosted more than 50 people already living in different cities and I can tell you, depends on! If you really think that you have something to offer and share between both I think you can ask from 3 to 5 days. Have in mind that you read the profile of your host and you think you gonna share something, like teach him german, or how to cook. And he has in ...

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