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I applied for an ETA a couple of weeks ago, and had been twice under the VWP before. I put "Yes" and left the UCI/Visa/Permit number blank. Didn't seem to matter, got an approval almost instantly.


The official help for this question indicates that it is asking if you have ever applied for a visa to Canada. Select yes if, in the past, you submitted an application to come to Canada, such as a study permit, work permit or visitor visa. If you answer Yes to this question, you'll be asked for your Unique Client Identifier, visa or permit number. ...


It's hard to see that screenshot because it is rather small, but clearly your visa was approved. You can tell this because it says "ETA APPROVAL" at the top, "ETA APPROVED" at the bottom, and it lists a validity date, the period you're authorized to stay, and other conditions. It would not say any of these things if it was not approved.

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