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It seems best to go to the official Australia Department of Immigration and Border Protection Electronic Travel Authority web site to check your ETA. It appears to be legitimate for third party web sites to accept applications for an ETA. It is noted by an official web site that: "Your travel agent or airline can also book your ETA."


Your airline will check your visa before you fly out, and they can actually help you resolve it on the spot, if it's going to be an issue. I flew to Australia last November with a visa tied to an expired passport, and the United Airlines Gate Agent at LAX was able to call someone in Australia and get my visa updated to my new current passport. Hopefully if ...


As CMaster indicated, an eTA is not like a visa in that you're guaranteed a certain validity before you arrive, it's merely an authorization to travel and the border officer decides how long you can stay. In theory however, you can stay up to 6 months. This page has it quite clearly: Your eTA authorizes you to visit Canada for up to six months or until ...

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