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You're not required to pass Canadian customs, so no need to pick up and recheck your bag, they'll be checked through to New York. However you do need to pass the immigration requirements to transit through Canada. Assuming you have a Dutch passport, you need to get an ETA. After that, you have to pass American immigration officials (because of pre-...


According to the Government of Canada website: I will transit by air through Canada. Do I need an eTA? Passengers transiting Canada will need an eTA or a visa, regardless of the length of time in Canada. Travellers whose planes refuel in Canada going to and from the United States, as well as participants in the China Transit Program and Transit ...


The previous ban would have flagged your application up for human review, which obviously isn't going to be instant and depending on the current amount of applications, could take quite a while. Other reasons could include Technical Problems or another Technical Reason.


Since ETA is no longer an option, the fastest option is to apply for a Subclass 600 Australian visa, also known as a Visitor visa. The official processing time at the Australian consulate in Canada is 4 weeks, with no expedited option available. Unless you are in a true emergency (such a death of a relative), you will have to postpone your trip.

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