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The "E" in ETA stands for "Electronic", and that pretty much refers to the entire process. Not only do you apply electronically (eg, on the ETA website), but the airlines are responsible for electronically checking that you have obtained an ETA or a Visa. Presuming that your previous flights to Australia have been from the US, you may recall that whilst ...


You have a current ETA to travel to Australia. Yes, you have been approved.


Airline checkin agents have access to the ETA database: they will verify your status, and refuse boarding if you don't have one. A few major airports (eg. Singapore) can issue them on the spot, but this will cost extra. If they do mistakenly let you on board and you are refused entry, the airline has to pay hefty fines and you will need to buy a ticket ...


If you're in New Zealand you should probably use the Urgent Passport Renewal service, which will let you receive the passport within 24 hours.


Odds are, emails get batched up, so by the time the email was sent out, you were already approved. And as you've seen on the site, it told you that it was approved for entry. Note that while the expiry date is 5 June 2013, naturally if you enter earlier as planned, you can only stay for 3 months at a time. Long story short? You have a current ETA to ...


It seems best to go to the official Australia Department of Immigration and Border Protection Electronic Travel Authority web site to check your ETA. It appears to be legitimate for third party web sites to accept applications for an ETA. It is noted by an official web site that: "Your travel agent or airline can also book your ETA."


Don't know, but sounds a bit weird, so best to get in touch with Immigration and/or your nearest Australian embassy. Contact information here.


Your airline will check your visa before you fly out, and they can actually help you resolve it on the spot, if it's going to be an issue. I flew to Australia last November with a visa tied to an expired passport, and the United Airlines Gate Agent at LAX was able to call someone in Australia and get my visa updated to my new current passport. Hopefully if ...


As CMaster indicated, an eTA is not like a visa in that you're guaranteed a certain validity before you arrive, it's merely an authorization to travel and the border officer decides how long you can stay. In theory however, you can stay up to 6 months. This page has it quite clearly: Your eTA authorizes you to visit Canada for up to six months or until ...


It looks like it may be possible. She'll need a new visa, if she doesn't want to leave and come back though. According to the Find a visa page, she could apply, in Australia, for either a Visitor Visa (subclass 600) or a Work and Holiday Visa (subclass 462). They both indicate that she should be able to apply: from within Australia, online, for up to a ...


eVisitor visas are available only for passport holders of these countries, all of which are in Europe. If you are not a citizen of those countries, your eVisitor will definitely be rejected. But now that you have a valid ETA -- which implies you hold one of these passports (click the "Apply online" link for list) -- all is good, and you can enter ...

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