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Just repeat the most appropriate field, in your case country. When I lived in Singapore, which as a city-state has no divisions whatsoever, my addresses in forms always looked like this: City: Singapore State: Singapore Country: Singapore And I never had the slightest problem.


You state that there's no levels between municipality and country - eg state, province, region. However, the ESTA form specifically mentions another one: " * State/province/region/municipality " and in the "more information" part on this field: In the “state/province/region/municipality etc.” field, enter the state, province, region or ...


The ESTA doesn't reset if you go to Mexico or Canada, you have to leave farther afield for it to reset again. So 90 days from your first entrance into the US, you cannot be in the US any more, unless you went, say, to Guatemala. If you do that, the counter resets again. Entering Mexico does not start it again, as you've not arrived in the US. It'd restart ...


It's always the current name, since this is what she's legally known as. Any records - criminal, legal, etc that they might want to look up - or to check your back story, that's how they'd find her. Almost without fail, if they want the maiden name, they'll specify so.


It is the name she goes by. If your mother has been known as Jane Smith for 50 years, the fact that she was born Jane Jones is not of interest to the visa people. Of course, why her current name is of interest to them escapes me.


If she is married to your father and took his family name then as @pnuts said it's an convention to write this family name if it is not the case then I can't help you sorry. The guidance about Parents is not specific on this point: Enter the names of your parents. These are required to complete the application. If you do not know the name of one or ...


You need to bring your passport, which is the only TSA-approved foreign ID for flying in the US. And that's it, really. On booking, you'll be asked for name, age and contact details, but none of this is checked or verified. At the airport, all they'll do is verify that the name on your ticket matches the name on your ID.

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