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As a rule, countries do not require return flights, they want to see onward flights. The point is that you can demonstrate that you're only coming to visit temporarily, and not planning to immigrate illegally. So the US will be fine with your onward ticket to Canada. Canada itself does not require return tickets for tourists, but they are strongly ...


It's where you live where you fill out the application. On mine I put UK, even though a NZ citizen and had been travelling in South America for 4 months, I was returning to London. No problems. A year and a half later, while on my way to a Canadian working holiday (same situation as you), I stopped in Hawaii for a few days on the way (so also had a ...


Yes, no problem. You can exit and re-enter during the 90 day limit, and in fact if you leave North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) the 90 day period resets. You just need to make sure your ESTA is valid for the entire period as well (they're usually valid for 2 years) and you have evidence of your travel plans and finances are in order.

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