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The Wetherspoons pub after security has TV screens and it's hard to imagine they wouldn't have it on. You could ring them on 01293 569874 to check. Alternatively you could watch it over the internet, wifi and power info here: http://www....


Yes, there are definitely squat houses in Paris Today, in contemporary paris you can find alternative political and cultural activity in various squats or social centers. These are abandoned buildings (often government owned) that have been occupied and re-appropriated by groups of artists, performers, activists, musicians or just people that need a roof ...


How about you play the game of meditation(here's a link from a quick google, if you insist on an app) ? Sit silently, breathe and focus on breath. Raise your levels of consciousness and everybody wins. Thank you.


Inspired by this question, I would suggest a physical alternative, like who can do the most pushups or who can hold the plank position for the longest time.


There are a variety of games that can be played by passing pieces of paper around, which you could do quietly and discretely. A quick search for "pencil and paper games" or "paper passing games" indicates some that work with more than two players (or pair up and have a few games going at once). Some are more strictly "games" with an element of strategy, ...

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