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There are lot of luxury cinemas around the word with cosy and comfy beds. Few of them: The Blitz Megaplex chain in Jakarta, Indonesia offers sofa beds, Over in Thailand, the Paragon Cineplex in Bangkok offer big beds with blankets and fluffy pillows, In Malaysia, the Beanie chain of cinemas offer large beanbag seats instead of chairs, The Electric Cinema ...


In Australia, in Sydney, the closest to this would be Govinda's Movie Room in Darlinghurst, which is walking distance from the city centre or Kings Cross. Downstairs is an all you can eat Indian vegetarian buffet restaurant. I believe it was run by the Hari Krishnas but I'm not sure that it still is. It's good but not as cheap as other Hari Krishna ...


Your destination of choice is here in the uk. Based in an old London tube station is the one and only pillow cinema http://pillowcinema.com


The Fairlee Motel & Drive-in Theater (in Fairlee, Vermont) is a motel with an attached drive-in cinema. The motel rooms have large windows facing the movie screen, and speakers for the audio. Motel is open all year, but the drive-in theater is seasonal.


At KingSpa, at least in the Palisades Park, NJ US one, there are several rooms with sleeping/napping accommodations where they play movies. I think most of them are Korean, but they've been fun nonetheless when I've gone.


The simplest way to find the answer is if you search by image on google (https://images.google.com/). You will get the relevant answer. It is the Parisian music hall Olympia that was filled with beds from Ikea to promote the Swedish company’s new line-up of mattresses. Reference: ...


It's not quite the same but a similar style of venue recently opened in Budapest. http://budaeg.com/?id=bed_movies&next_language Their "beds" don't have the abundance of linen shown in the photo; it's more of a very, very deep lounge than a bed. But they still look pretty comfortable and you have the option of having food delivered to your bed during ...


The depicted is not a regular event or an ongoing promotion. In 2010, IKEA staged a promotion called In Bed with IKEA at the Olympia concert hall in Paris, in which the seats were replaced with a new bed and mattress line they were promoting. In late 2014, they staged a similar event called Cinema of Love at Kinostar De Lux in Khimki just outside Moscow. ...

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