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I used to be friends with a whole lot of snakecharmers in Jaipur. They worked (put on displays) at the Rambagh Palace hotel and at Clarks Hammer hotel. Also used to wait at the railway crossing near bajaj nagar. Things may be different now that it's illegal, but surely, people will still call upon local snakecharmers if they see a snake in their house or ...


They definitely still exist - they're more common in the southern part of Taiwan, but if you're looking in Taipei, the one near Fu Jen University had quite a bunch last time I went. https://guidetotaipei.com/visit/fu-jen-university-fu-da-garden-night-market-%E8%BC%94%E5%A4%A7%E8%8A%B1%E5%9C%92%E5%A4%9C%E5%B8%82

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