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Flying from Boston via Reykjavík with Icelandair will cost you about 1500 dollars, if you stay a couple of extra nights and fly home on July 7th it is around 1300 dollars. Icelandair also flies out of New York but I didn't look at the prices there.


It's most likely because of the number of flights out of Detroit. If budget is a bigger concern then time, you can probably book DTW-YYZ, then use a charter like Air Transat or Canadian Affair. You'll probably get there for ~$1k. Bonus if the USD is still 10% stronger than the Canadian :-)


If you were willing to drive the 4 hours to YYZ (Toronto) you can get one stop for $13xx USD or so, but nonstop flights are still pretty pricey. It's definitely high season. At least the airport is on the favorable side of the city for someone coming from Detroit.


I think the answer is the 4th of july. If you check for airfares to Frankfurt, Manchester, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, or even Tokyo. You'll see the same pattern, of sudden high fares in that period. Americans apparently like to leave the country during their independence day. Check one week before and one week later and suddenly the prices are lower.

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