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Unaccompanied Personal Effects You need to import those items as "Unaccompanied Personal Effects". When you cross a border with checked baggage, it is assumed that all of the items in your checked bag are your personal effects unless you specify otherwise on the customs declaration form (e.g. USA, Japan, Canada) that you fill out just before entry. ...


First I would say you should contact your insurer, although it is unlikely it will cover you checking in a laptop. Your alternative recourse is to threaten to take BA to a small claims court. I will give a brief explanation of why you are entitled to do this (despite the contract purporting otherwise), but I think you will not succeed because the laptop is ...


Against your insurer, perhaps, no chance of extracting compensation from BA: 8f) Fragile or perishable items must not be packed in baggage checked into the hold You must not include in your checked baggage fragile or perishable items or items of special value such as: money jewellery precious metals computers personal electronic ...


My suggestion is to take a multi-prise of your current country, open it up and change the plug to a European (that you should be able to find in stores in Toronto, or in the worst case buy one in Paris). The new plug should look like this: Ungrouned, and a three-pin for grounded. Both use the same voltage, so there should be no problem in that region.

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