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Yes, always declare. If you get caught with it and you don't declare it, you'll be marked as a "smuggler" and that will stay on your file for years. Every time you travel, they'll see that and you'll be more likely to be stopped. It happened to a few people I know. Also, if you want to apply for Nexus or Global Entry, you'll probably be denied.


Yes, you have to declare it. Here is the form. There is no ambiguity ("including gifts for someone else" or "will remain in the U.S." covers either situation of you being resident or not). I'm not a customs broker (so E&OE), but the harmonized tariff code for iPhones appears to be 8517.12.0050, which would appear to be free of duty. Your friend may ...


These are two different questions. One is about immigration and customs at entry, the other is about pre-flight security. On customs and immigration, your electronic items are not a problem; probably no one will even look in your bags unless you get sent to a secondary screening for other reasons. However, if you are searched by customs, it will look like ...


Your comment was "I feel that I might be carrying too much with me." You have 2 laptops, 1 tablet, 2 mobiles, and 1 ipod, 1 camera and 3 external hard disks. The answer is "Yes, you are carrying way too much!" The first question I would ask is, "Why are you doing this to yourself?" I understand the two laptops but why burden yourself with so much other ...


To answer your first question, yes they do random checks on laptops and disks, but this is rare. In my last 15 years I only had it once. They suspected some CDs on me and checked them, they also opened my laptop and searched for photos! That's it. They are usually targeting porn content. Regarding the internet access, no, there is nothing that will surprise ...


Yes, you are importing a new device into India. Using it before coming home doesn't absolve you of duty.

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