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You can also use storage case bags that are specifically designed to carry external hard drives such as this one:


Been travelling worldwide with my 3 Samsung 500 gig HDD's for over 5 yrs now and never experienced a problem. Airport scanners include LAX, JFK, HKIA, Ben Gurion, and the dreaded "heathrow" (don't go there!!).


External drives (or internal ones - same drive, different case) will have zero problems with commercial air travel. X-rays don't affect them, and any in-flight vibrations capable of damaging a disk drive will also destroy the airplane. Now that's assuming it's turned off. Running drives don't like to be knocked around, but that applies on your desk too. As ...


It seems you have done your homework already. The most crucial part is to avoid shocks which is why it is better to handle it yourself.. Turbulence can occur regardless, so it is best to keep hard disk drives padding in bubble-wrap or foam. An anti-static bag would also help with an unexpected electric discharge, just to be safe. The only additional caution ...


Quoting this, this, and this: External disks are no different that internal disks, in terms of media and components. Laptops have been going through X-Ray machines for decades without incident, so I see no issue with external drives doing the same safely.


From personal experience, I would recommend smartphone only, but with a power bank. Usually, I just travel around with my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S4), with a 64GB Sandisk Ultra MicroSD Card. This can store thousands of photos. Also I have a Xiaomi Mi Power Bank(about 10400mah) which can be found for about £15 on eBay, shipped from China. Both are very ...


Yes, I checked with the consulate security, They said we can carry them, but we cannot use them during the interview. However, you can use them when you are waiting in the lobby.


The checks only relate to hand luggage. Check it in. I've done a dozen flights out of the UK since this alert, and I haven't been challenged yet to carry this out.

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