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TSA Doesn't List Drones The closest things to drones I could find in TSA's database of packable items are radio controlled helicopters which apparently can be taken on a plane both as check-in as well as carry-on luggage. TSA even gives packing advice. Quoting from the linked site: Search Results For: RC helicopter Check or Carry-on You may ...


Technically, yes. From here: "Some products can be imported free of duty, e.g. laptops and other electronic products." and "Goods imported into Thailand are subject to VAT at a rate of 7% calculated over the CIF value plus any applicable duty." with CIF being "Cost, Insurance and Freight". So, you do not have to pay duty, but you would have to pay sales tax. ...


As long as you don't put it "naked" in the overhead bin, any laptop bag will suffice.


I don't think so. Unless you are ordering it online from Thailand. If you are buying it personally and taking it to Thailand personally then I don't think you would require to pay custom fee.


If you don't want to use calibre for the process, you can also (1) open print preview (2) save pdf (3) email it to your kindle at kindusername@kindle.com. Your kindle will download the attachment the next time you're connected to wifi.


You are taking two laptops for a plausible reason, which is to study in the UK, and the laptops are interdependent upon each other for data and analysis. If you do not intend to sell these laptops, then we can turn to the guidance which says in part... You can bring some goods from abroad without having to pay UK tax or ‘duty’ (customs charges), as ...


Unaccompanied Personal Effects You need to import those items as "Unaccompanied Personal Effects". When you cross a border with checked baggage, it is assumed that all of the items in your checked bag are your personal effects unless you specify otherwise on the customs declaration form (e.g. USA, Japan, Canada) that you fill out just before entry. ...

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