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Very much depends on the cruise ship, and it's often based on their country of origin. Here are some examples: in the help of P&O cruises (a British-American cruise line) : Oceana and Britannia also have US 2 pin sockets in addition to UK 3 pin sockets The standard electrical supply in the United Kingdom is 50HZ (cycles) and 240V. The supply on board ...


It will depend on the ship. Cunard seems to have one US + one UK plug officially, and if you search around you find some more (by unplugging TV etc.), but they have tons of British customers. Other cruise ships might have US + European.


The web site for the Colombo airport has a list of shops in the airport. Although I'm a bit puzzled as to how one would buy a washing machine in a duty-free shop, and carry it on the plane, it clearly states that there are multiple duty-free shops selling such home appliances, and TVs. So you may be able to find a monitor (or a TV that would work as a ...


You can buy them on eBay. One seller from China has them now at for $5 for 5 connectors plus $3 shipping. The category is here: http://www.ebay.com/sch/Connectors-Ties-/41982/i.html

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