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As you probably know, as an Egyptian citizen, you can transit without visa if you stay in the international arrival lounge. However, it will not be possible to leave the airport without Schengen visa and you will not be able to apply for such a visa at the airport.


You do not need a transit visa if you remain airside when you transit through Germany. Auswaertiges Amt (the Federal Foreign Office) publishes a list of countries whose citizens require a transit visa, and Egypt is not on it. In addition, holders of a valid Canadian visa or permanent resident card do not need a transit visa at all. If you must leave the ...


As @jpatokal wrote, you will need a regular type C Schengen visa and not an “airport transit visa”. In practice, it does not make much of a difference though as the form to apply and the costs are the same. Just check “transit/transito” instead of “airport transit/transito aeroportuale”. It might be a bit confusing since you don't intend to leave the ...


Since Rome to Amsterdam is a "domestic" flight within Schengen, yes, you will need a visa to transit.


Per the webpage you found, Egyptian citizens generally do need a visa to transit either landside or airside in London but can be exempted in some cases. Travelling to the US is one of those cases, having an EEA residence permit is another one. You might be eligible for the ‘transit without visa concession’ if: you arrive and depart by air have ...


The UK is part of the EU, but not part of the Schengen border-free region. As part of the EU rules on freedom of movement, EU Nationals can travel to the UK without needing a visa (but they do need a passport or National Identify Card to show at the border to show their entitlement to this). Additionally, the Non-EU family members of EU nationals can travel ...


The UK is not part of the Schengen agreement. So you would need a seperate visa. The only situation you wouldn't is discussed inthis answer.


No you don't. Switzerland is in the Schengen zone, that will be your point of entry into Schengen. Your further flight from Switzerland to Spain is a flight inside Schengen zone, which means no passport checks by immigrations/customs.


According to the Turkish website about visas, Egyptian tourists do need a visa for Turkey. So far I didn't find details like whether you have to pay, how much, and what duration the visa lasts for. I spotted some news articles from a couple of years ago saying that Georgia was about to get an Egyptian embassy but other sources such as Wikipedia say that ...

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